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  1. Ralph
  2. Montage
  3. Friday, 25 May 2018
I’m playing my CFX piano on Montage when I go from one CFX + FM EP to FM EP 2 it sounds the same then I go to CFX Concert they still sound the same. Need help I think I lost all my previous factory Montage sounds when i updated my Montage from 1.02.0 to 2.0 I didn’t do a factory backup.
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
They will sound very similar, to be sure, the CFX Piano is the principal acoustic piano in the MONTAGE, you will find it combined with various things. Electric pianos, strings, choir, pads, etc. the character of the Yamaha CFX piano that was sampled should come through in all of the different Perfofmance combinations you find it used in... there is complete sample sets for a Yamaha CFX, a Yamaha CFIII, and a Yamaha S6...in MONTAGE Wave ROM... Different configurations of the data can appear ... the programmer's can choose to use the data differently within each program.

The "CFX + FM EP" - the acoustic piano in this Performance is highly detailed. Unless you are playing it as a solo piano you may not appreciate the subtlety and detail. There are five Parts; four make up the CFX acoustic piano, the fifth the FM-X Electric Piano. The four Part CFX utilizes 18 Elements to construct the acoustic piano sound.

The "CFX + FM EP 2" - is made from just two Parts. Part 1 is an 8 Element acoustic piano and Part 2 is the FM-X Electric Piano.

If they truly sound the same to you, this could be you weren't listening for the difference in how it "feels" to play it (which can be subtle and can take time to experience) or your speakers aren't doing your MONTAGE justice. I'm sure the programmer of "CFX + FM EP2" is thinking, "mission accomplished!" As I'm sure it was a goal to capture the essence of the detailed (4-Part, 18Element) CFX sound using less resources.

The "CFX Concert" is the full 4-Part 18 Element version (without morphing to an EP). It is a 9-way velocity switching piano through the body and an 8-way in the upper range... plus Key Off Sound. And, as mentioned, when you find a 4-Part acoustic piano within a Performance and the "CFX" prefix is referenced in the name, you can bet it is a variation of this program.

The "CFX Stage" is a Single Part 8 Element version.

To use an 18 Element, 4 Part Performance wisely would be use it where you can feature what it does best, the subtleties. Solo piano pieces, jazz trio work... this is not the piano you select to bang out "Hold the Line"... necessarily.

Where you will hear/feel the difference is in playing ballads... or pieces with wide dynamics. The soft notes have a bit more ability to "speak"... and with MONTAGE you have that feeling of bigness and space!

Extra Credit:
If your speakers don't let you hear/feel this difference, I recommend headphones. Absolutely play in stereo. Super Knob typical changes the room acoustics on acoustic piano programs. Again the CFXs should sound the same, the difference will be felt as you address it while playing soft to loud... in general, you want to recall a sound and play with it for ten or fifteen minutes... in that time you are likely to explore more than one approach to playing.

Also, something occurs (call it psychoacoustic) after about ten minutes playing a sound where you become aware of how it responds... make sure your volume is set properly. Try to make it as loud as a piano would be in your acoustic space (or louder). Set your Velocity Curve so that you don't reach maximum without some effort... it always should require some effort to get loud!
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Ralph Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks I noticed everything you was saying but still can’t really hear the difference I believe I erased some of my factory sounds when I updated my Montage from 1.02.0 to 2.0 since I didn’t do a back up but I could just be deaf in my ears. Is there away I can downgrade back to 1.02.0?
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
You can't erase Factory sounds. Impossible. Sorry, that's why you came here to get good information. You cannot erase, lose, change or otherwise misplace your Factory sounds.
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