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  1. Rainer
  2. Montage
  3. Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Hi all,
I want to Assign the On/Off parameter from InsA to the Assign Switch 1.
How can I do that?
To do that, I use the John Melas Tools.
What steps are needed to do that?
Thanks for helping me figure this out.
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Jason Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Oh, I see what he was asking. I thought the question was about how to use JM tools to access the motion control setup. Re-reading I see the bit about wanting to turn on/off the InsA as a whole. Depending on the effect, you may be able to use the "Dry/Wet" setting as an on/off using 0 or 127. The button is going to act as an input as either 0 or 127 - so setting the default of the Dry/Wet to 1 (this is the min value), then using a standard curve with a maximum positive ratio should give you your "on/off" (if Dry/Wet is available). Or you may want the maximum wet to be closer to 64 (not 100% wet) - adjust the ratio downwards as necessary.

Dry/Wet is specified as a range typically from 1-127. Where 1-63 are levels of Dry, 64 is Dry is equal to Wet, 65-127 are levels of Wet. This is not a true On/Off - just about as close as you can get, in general, with a single parameter on a single PART.

The idea BM offers of using an additional PART to accomplish on/off of an effect is viable as well. You would have one PART with the InsA effect as THRU (off) and the other PART with the InsA effect as normal. Then in each PART - have A.SW1 set the volume to 0. For one, the switch polarity would be opposite. Such that the PART with the effect may have a negative polarity (when switch is OFF, volume is zero) vs. the other PART without effect has positive polarity (when switch is ON, volume is zero). The PART with effect will be ON and hence the effect will be ON when the A.SW1 is ON (the PART without effect will be OFF when the A.SW1 is ON) -- and the reverse is true when the A.SW1 is OFF.

Actually, his idea was two different performances - but the same idea can apply within a single performance given you have a free PART and am not going "eat up" your polyphony by doing this. If polyphony was really a factor - then you could turn on/off elements of each PART based off of A.SW1 which is more of an XA control concept than a motion control concept. The JM tool walkthrough above was for motion control.
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  2. Montage
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I want to Assign the On/Off parameter from InsA to the Assign Switch 1.
How can I do that?
An Insertion Effect’s ON/OFF status, is not an assignable parameter destination.

Depending on what you are doing a possible solution: You might be able to setup a COPY of the sound you are playing, and place it in the adjacent location or LIVE SET slot. Using the SSS function you will be able to freely move between the one with the INSERTION EFFECT ON, and the one stored with the INSERTION EFFECT OFF. The change is not instantaneous, in that, if the effect is happening when you switch Performance, it will continue sounding... but the very next note-on events will be sans the effect. This allows it to happen sonically invisible to detection. If your situation allows for this seamless transition, this will work, however, if you want the effect to end right when you switch sounds, then you would need to defeat the SSS function.
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  2. Montage
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Jason Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
No problem - without the clarification I was expecting an answer that involved the touchscreen and would not directly answer the question asked.

1) Start Montage Performance Editor, assuming this is working for you with MIDI setup to Montage
2) Load the current edit buffer to JM tools (F5 = receive)
3) Select from the "Performance Parts" tab the PART you want to add the Assign 1 Switch to an InsA parameter (PART 1-16). You can do this by clicking on the PART's "Type" column (AWM2 or FM-X).

-- alternatively -- and this may be easier for you: there are tabs near the bottom of the window "General", "Pitch", "Filter", "Amp", "Ranges", through "Assign". You can choose the "Assign" tab which shows one "Control Sets" button for each PART.

4) Press the "Control Sets..." button. If you used the alternative tab method, select the one for the PART you want to edit.
5) Choose the first "Set" with the Destination ("Dest" ) set to "off". This will be the first source/destination set that is free to assign. You may want to first check to see if "AsnSw 1" is already used as a source to know if the button is already set to do something. You would press on the "Source" box and select "Switches > " then select "AsnSw 1".
6) For the Destination ("Dest" column), click here and select the InsA parameter you want. You say "InsA" but do not detail what parameter of Insertion Effect A you want to control. There will be a list of possibilities.
7) Change the Curve Type, Param 1 (and Param 2 if given - not all curve types have a Param 2), Polarity, and Curve Ratio.
8) As you make these changes - Montage is automatically updated so the edit buffer in Montage will already have the source/destination changed
9) Press [STORE] to save on your Montage (using Montage buttons and touchscreen) -- OR -- return back to the main menu on the Performance Editor by closing windows (press "X" ) then select "Performance" -> "Store" (or press F6) then select a USER slot to store your edits to.

Note: I cannot really test step 9. I'm using a demo version and do not want to try storing anything using these tools.

I imagine you already have experience to successfully store the changes into a saved Performance on Montage and do not need that detail.
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Rainer Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Jason,
You are right I'm visually impaired user.
I forgot to post this.
I hope someone can tell me the steps to bring up the InsA On/Off parameter to the Assign 1 Switch.
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Jason Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
As a reminder Rainer doesn't use the touchscreen due to visual impairment.
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