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  1. Jason
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  3. Sunday, 01 October 2017
An interesting comment about using the CS-80 in the Bladerunner 2049 movie:


Adding to the sci-fi legacy of this instrument even today.
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thanks for the link! Excellent... the CS80 was such a powerhouse. It was expensive and extremely heavy, which greatly limited the number of folks who could afford one or afford to move one... it did have the side benefit of, you could heat a small home with one.

It introduced things like 8 note polyphony, velocity sensitivity, ribbon controller, the preset (miniature setups of the front panel under that plate), polyphonic Aftertouch... and as I have to remind people it actually predates MIDI... 1976

A couple of years later, the Prophet V was more successful, but only 5 note poly, no velocity sensitivity, no ribbon controller, no Aftertouch, but it did have those 40 presets and it was about $2000 less and weighed a whole lot less.

No doubt those early years of analog were a wonderful time (if you had the cash)... it will be great to hear the CS80 again _ he sounds like he really "gets" what it was all about. Synthesizers--Sci-fi absolutely!

Thanks again.
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