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  1. Jason
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  3. Sunday, 10 June 2018
I see in the firmware request thread a comment about Pitch vs. Velocity and concern about it being too sensitive for the user's liking. Rather than "derail" that thread - I wanted to pull out that observation and see if there's any resolution to the issue without needing a firmware update.

My initial thought was that I was wondering if velocity sensitivity itself could be adjust so that the velocity curve was more "compressed" and thus causing the Pitch/Velocity parameter to get "reigned in" and more usable. My thought is that there may be other parameters which can be adjusted and that Pitch/Velocity is somewhat dependent on these other parameters.

I cannot test now - but just throwing that out there for exploration.

EDIT: Change the "common" level velocity depth. Changing this will limit the range for the +1 Pitch/Vel. For me, I noticed that a few of the presets I tried sounded fine at +1 -- meaning there was barely any pitch change at +1 even with a velocity of 127. The problem may come in if you want both extreme volume fluctuations with velocity but small pitch fluctuations. You may be able to make up for this by using AEG. There are other things you can do with motion control.

Also, you can use the PEG set to +1 for all segments then use the Depth/Vel and PEG Depth fields to adjust how velocity affects pitch.
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Jason, thanks for the ideas. I did try some of the above while I was working with it, but it got late. As you know, there's lots of interaction (and potential interaction) at play here, I'm sure the solution for nearly any sound is there in the subtle manipulation of the parameters.

There's some gold nuggets in there I hadn't considered as well, thanks for those! Scott
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