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  3. Sunday, 03 June 2018
Hello everybody,

I'm desperate and need help!

I want to adjust the master tune of my Reface CS. For this you probably need the update 1.30. Now I have the following problem: After connecting the Reface CS to my MacBook Air (mac os 10.13.4) I can start and execute the instatllation, but the update does not seem to run on the reface because I still have the overall feeling can not adapt! HELP!
Cheers from Freiburg, Germany!
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Please try the following to determine if your CS is updated or not. The only way to verify if the product is updated is to query the product: Here's how:

While holding down the D#2 key, press the [O] (Standby/On) switch. (that is the lowest D# on the reface).
If the LOOPER slider’s REC lamp lights up or flashes, your reface already has firmware version 1.30 or later and does
not need to be updated. Therefore, you do not need to use this updater.

Does your REC lamp light up when you do the above procedure?
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