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  1. Jason
  2. Site Feedback
  3. Monday, 11 June 2018
For a very long time, Yamahasynth has had a spotty track record from my machines in cleanly logging on. In the past, the "errors" or "hiccups" that would occur could get worked around by refreshing the page - or clicking the "sign in" button and I would be able to post or edit a previous post.

It's gotten worse and worse as lately my "fix" has been to move to another browser. I ran out of new browsers and couldn't login anymore. The webpage would ask for my credentials - and would appear like I logged in - but then the "Sign In" button would return and no password-protected features were available.

I tried clearing cookies, cache, history. I tried using private/incognito mode since this sets up a "fresh" environment. I tried clearing cache/history and rebooting. Nothing seemed to work.

What did seem to work was I reset my password. Now at least I can post. However, the site is still not showing the "my account" and "logoff" buttons in the banner even though I'm logged in and can post. The banner shows the "Sign In" button. Something is still off.

I know the site is in transition - so some patience is necessary. Hopefully the basic operation of the site can be fleshed out.

By the way - a new annoyance on the site is that sometimes pressing "return" in a message will not advance to the next line. However, when typing characters - after typing a character - the carriage return (or linefeed) will be shown.
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