Behind the Synth episodes featuring classic Yamaha Synthesizers!
Upgraded to MONTAGE or MODX from a MOTIF? This video shows you how to import your data. 
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Nate and Blake explore the legendary MOTIF series.
Camelot Pro is a powerful software tool that intelligently connects and maps hardware MIDI devices and virtual instruments.
Over 40 years of synth history!
The CP4 and CP40 Stage pianos have some great features inside. Check out these top 5 articles:
Check out this beautiful version of Robert Flack's "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" performed by Kandace Springs and the CP4 Stage Piano.
In this session, we'll continue our scuba dive into the MONTAGifying Motif XF Performance data - and doing it with the New Version 2.00 of firmware for your MONTAGE. And don't miss your opportunity to suggest a Motif XF Performance for a future session!
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CP4 Stage: check out the sounds of the 9' CFX Premium Concert Grand Piano voice.
Check out the sounds of the S6 Piano (6'11" handcrafted grand piano) Piano 3.
Check out the audio recording of the 9' CFIIIS Premium Concert Grand Piano in CP4 and CP40.
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I have just finished part one of my CP4/40 tutorial about the Performance mode in the CP4 and CP40.  Although I refer to the CP4 in the video, it is also applicable to the CP40 since the operation of the two instruments is virtually identical.  Look for part 1 in the Resources section of this site under CP4.
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