These coded MIDI messages allow you recall any sound at any time in the sequencer... learn the secret.
My Voice sounds different when I move it other Modes, how can I get it to sound "exactly" the same?
Record a SONG in the XF sequencer, Cubase can IMPORT both your MIDI and AUDIO tracks recorded to the ISS... read all about it.
This article will help you setup your XF to your computer via Ethernet.
The "VOICE" is the basic playable entity in your XF. Learn how to explore a Voice to find the magic.
Here is an example Flash Session - design your own Wave ROM
A unique, exclusive feature of the Motif XF*, flash memory makes it possible for the first time for you to design your own custom wave ROM. 
Imagine if you will, a 2 gigabyte blank canvas where you can install your most desired instrument samples to customize and design the wave ROM that, until now, has been only a dream...or a fantasy.
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My first Motif XS demo...
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