I have just finished part one of my CP4/40 tutorial about the Performance mode in the CP4 and CP40.  Although I refer to the CP4 in the video, it is also applicable to the CP40 since the operation of the two instruments is virtually identical.  Look for part 1 in the Resources section of this site under CP4.
Here is a tutorial on creating a custom CP4 piano Performance using the S6 piano (APIANO3) for the Main Voice and the CFIIIS piano (APIANO2) for the Split Voice and saving it to a Performance location for instant recall.
This article will introduce you to the Effects processing and routing.
Using the Motif XS/XF Internal Sequencer to record the reface CP-CS-DX-YC... what you need to know!
New to the Motif XF? Need help understanding the terminology?In part 1 of their five-part Motif XF video series, Matt Vanacoro from Ask Audio Magazine explains the memory structure of the Motif XF.
The CP4 features some authentic recreations of vintage stomp-box style effects using Yamaha’s remarkable VCM or Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology.  What follows is a closer look at the TouchWah and PedalWah effects.
Have you ever wanted to turn a set of samples into a playable Voice on your MotifXF? Hit the Read more for a set of extensive video tutorials from Heratch!
Using a Drum Kit Voice for Audio LoopsA Drum Kit Voice makes the perfect Voice to house audio clips, particularly, loops that you might want to assign to a SONG, PATTERN or PERFORMANCE. The reason is that you can place a different audio clip on each key and control it individually.
Creating your own Audio Loops can be done by RESAMPLING data within the Integrated Sampling Sequencer. Resampling is the ability of the XF to record itself as audio. This installment will take you through the basics of the LOOP KIT Tutorial data was prepared.
Creating Loop Kits by loading directly to a Drum Kit Voice
Stacking Audio Loops on a single KEY and using Velocity Range to trigger different results - download the example.
Looking for a specific electric piano character on your CP4? Personalize the Rd and Wr Voices to sound more vintage, retro, authentic, or however you want — no futzing with a screwdriver, adding/shaving solder or other mechanical hijinks required! Read more and Blake will show you how!
Loading Chick Corea's Mark V Rhodes from a Motif XF ALL data File to a MOXF. This article will delve into the differences between the Motif XF and the MOXF. Specifically, how to redirect the data from a Motif XF File where the Voices are in the USER 4 Bank to one of the three USER VOICE banks of the MOXF.
In  my previous article I covered the new HD Reverbs that were introduced in Motif XF OS Version 1.5. In this next installment I will cover the new guitar effects, which to me genuinely enhance the already superb amplifier simulation, distortion and overdrive effects in the Motif XF.
This is a Motif XF tutorial designed to give you experience assigning controllers. It assumes you are making the button pushes and listening to the results as it advances. By following the example setups, you will gain an insight into how the controllers work and how they can be assigned to your advantage.
Arpeggio Study: In order to understand how the XF Arpeggios work, the best place to start is by learning how to take them apart. Here we will look at a Mega Voice Arpeggio and discover what makes it tick.
Exploring Motif XF 1.5 HD Reverbs
Our new friend and product demonstrator/clinician for Yamaha Italy Manuele Montesanti has composed a new tune that features the CP40 Stage and the MOXF6. Enjoy!Check out the video below:
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