Using a [MIXING] Program for Quick Access to Multiple Sounds in a "live" SetupSONG or PATTERN MIXING programs are ideal for assembling multiple sounds that you want to play. Each of the 64 SONG and 64 PATTERN locations can contain a "MIXING" - which is a configuration of all the available PARTS: [F1] PART 1-16. You can easily and seamlessly switch the sound you are playing (without any glitches) by using the TRACK buttons to access the assigned Voice PARTS. You transmit from the XF keyboard on the MIDI channel of the currently selected TRACK. The lighted front panel [TRACK] buttons [1]-[16] will indicate the current transmit status.
Using the built-in 192MB of Internal Flash ROM
Voices sound different when you move them from Voice mode to a PART, why?
Add vocals, guitars, and other sources to your sequences, find out how to setup the A/D INPUT.
How to audition Voice Libraries without having to overwrite data in your current internal Banks.
Getting started with your S90XS/S70XSOfficial Yamaha downloads (drivers, software, manuals)Official Yamaha product pageVoice, waveform and other contentS90XS/S70XS discussion forum here on yamahasynth.comS90XS/S70XS resources here on yamahasynth.com
CP4 STAGE PIANOQuick tour of the new CP4 Stage - simply the best stage piano ever!
How to find Voices and create your own Performances
One mode to rule them all... find out how to master MASTER mode.
This article will introduce you to the Effects processing and routing.
The SAMPLE SLICE feature allows you to use your audio loops at any tempo, find out how.
This advanced programming tutorial will show you how to perform multiple sounds with seamless transitions.
These are not your father's arpeggiators, learn about some of the 'magic' involved.
A must read if you are considering creating your own Arpeggios.
Setting up to record to Cubase via FireWire on a Windows computer - here's what you need to know.
Learn how to assign your microphone input to its own FireWire bus when recording.
Let's explore playing Strings sounds for more expressive results.
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