Blake and Nate explore artist-created sounds!
Live MONTAGE performances.
New MONTAGE Sounds!
Three original tunes performed on MONTAGE.
Deep synth sounds for MONTAGE/MODX.
Three cool solo performances.
Great MONTAGE and MODX sounds from HP!
Soulful Sounds for MONTAGE and MODX!
Expressive and musical sounds for MONTAGE and MODX!
  Great tips for live performance.
Nahre Sol meets Nicholas Semrad for an eclectic musical journey.
Want to enhance your sound?
YC Series Workshop with Larry Goldings.
Behind the Synth with Nick Semrad and Luke Smith.
Shine on with the wonderful Avery*Sunshine!
Nick Semrad interviews Jamiroquai's Matt Johnson.
Learn more about Yamaha artist Matthew Jordan
Get to know artist Neil Tankersley.
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