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  4. Tuesday, 17 April 2018
* A Personal note on the. New Studio Logic SL 73 or 88. I find that Outside of the Weird 3 X/Y Stick Controllers(I want Wheels).
The SL-73 at $499 is a killer deal. Top of the line Fartar keybed. Wish it came with Semi Weighted keys. And most probably . The 1 I will purchase.

While this list is more than a year old. It is Still a great Source of info When looking at Keyboard Manufactures and the Keybeds they use.
Keeps you from Looking stuff up or asking the Company. Can't guarantee accuracy, but here it is:


Virus (37): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet
Virus (61): Fatar TP/8S
VIRUS INDIGO 1 (37): Fatar TP/7BA
VIRUS INDIGO 2 (37): Fatar TP/9S gewichtet, gekapselte Gewichte
Virus TI 2 Polar/Darkstar (37): Fatar TP/9S gewichtet, gekaspelte Gewichte


Advance 25/49/61 (25/49/61): Eigendesign, gewichtet, recht sicher von Huaxin gebaut.


Fusion 6HD (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet
Fusion 8HD (88): Fatar TP/40
Ion (49): Fatar TP/7BA
QS6(.1) (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet
QS7(.1) (76): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet
QS8(.1) (88): Fatar TP/20
QS8.2 (88): Fatar TP/30


KeyLab 88: Fatar TP/100LR

Bowen, John

Solaris (61): Fatar TP8S


Nord Electro x (ohne HP): Fatar TP/8O
Nord Electro 3 HP: Fatar TP/100
Nord Electro 4 HP: Fatar TP/100LR

Nordlead 1,2(x),4, A1 (49): Fatar TP/7BA
Nordlead 3 (49): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet
NordWave (49): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
Nord Modular G2 (37): Fatar TP/9S

Nord Piano 2: Fatar TP/40GH
Nord Stage 2 88: Fatar TP/40 (von Clavia modifiziert)

Dave Smith Instruments

Mopho Keyboard: Fatar TP/9S, stärker gewichtet
Mopho x4: Fatar TP/9S, leichter gewichtet
Poly Evolver Keyboard: Fatar TP/9S, stärker gewichtet
Prophet 6: Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)
Prophet 08: Fatar TP/9S, leichter gewichtet
Prophet 12 (61): Fatar TP/9S, leicht gewichtet
OB-6: Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)


Vivo S3 (73): Fatar TP/100LR, Triple Contact
Vivo P3 (73): Fatar TP/100LR, Triple Contact


LMK4+ (88) (bis Produktion 04/2011): Fatar TP/10MDR
LMK4+ (88) (ab Produktion 04/2011): Fatar TP/40GH
LMK2+ (88) (bis Produktion 04/2011): Fatar TP/10MDR
LMK2+ (88) (ab Produktion 04/2011): Fatar TP/40GH

Edirol (Roland)

PC-160A (32): Fatar TP/7BA
PC-180A (49): Fatar TP/7BA
PC-200(MKII)(49): Fatar TP/7BA
PC-300 (49): Fatar TP/7BA


Analog Keys (37): Fatar TP/9S ungewichtet


E-Synth (61): Fatar TP/8S
E4k (61): Fatar TP/8S


ASR-88 (88): Fatar TP/10
Fizmo (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet
KT-76 (76): Fatar TP/10
KT-88 (88): Fatar TP/10
MR-61 (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet
MR-76 (76): Fatar TP/10
SQ-2(plus/32) (76): Fatar TP/9S, Sonderversion mit kleinen, hochkant angebrachten Gewichten
TS-12 (76): Fatar TP/10
ZR-76 (erste Modelle): Fatar TP/10
ZR-76 (neuere Modelle): Fatar TP/10 MDF


KeyControl 25 XT (25): Huaxin, Modell unbekannt
KeyControl 49 XT (25): Huaxin, Modell unbekannt
Keycontrol 61 XT (25): Huaxin, Modell unbekannt

Fatar / Studiologic

Sledge (gelb): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
Sledge "Black Edition": Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)

Acuna (88): Fatar TP/100LR
Numa (88): Fatar TP/400
Numa Compact: Fatar TP/9 Piano
Numa Concert: Fatar TP/40WOOD Ivory Touch
Numa Nano (88): Fatar TP/100LR
Numa Nero (88): Fatar TP/40WOOD
Numa Piano (88): Fatar TP/100
Numa Stage: Fatar TP/100LR

SL990 Pro (88): Fatar TP/40GH
SL990 XP (88): Fatar TP/40GH

VMK-149 Plus (49): Fatar TP/8Piano
VMK-161 Plus (61): Fatar TP/40M
VMK-176 Plus (76): Fatar TP/40M
VMK-188 Plus (88): Fatar TP/40GH
VMK-88 Plus (88): Fatar TP/9Piano


Equinox (61): Fatar TP/9S, Sonderversion mit kleinen, hochkant angebrachten Gewichten
Equinox Pro (88): Fatar TP/20

Genesys(S)(61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet
Genesys Pro(S)(61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet

Pro 1/2 (88): Fatar TP/20
Promega 2/3 (88): Fatar TP/30 (leicht angepasst und leichter gewichtet als das Pro 1/2)
RP Basic (88): Fatar TP/20
RP10 (88): Fatar TP/21
RP100 (88): Fatar TP/21
RP120 (88): Fatar TP/21
RP15 (88): Fatar TP/21
RP150 (88): Fatar TP/21
RP2 (88): Fatar TP/10 MDE
RP200 (88):Fatar TP/21
RP3 (88): Fatar TP/10 MDE
RP60 (88): Fatar TP/21
RP70 (88): Fatar TP/21
RP8 (88): Fatar TP/20
RP88 (88): Fatar TP/20

S2, S2 Turbo (61): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version, aber mit mech. Kontakten und polyAT (GEM-Eigenbau)
S3, S3 Turbo (76): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version, aber mit mech. Kontakten und polyAT (GEM-Eigenbau)
SX2 (61): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version, aber mit mech. Kontakten und polyAT (GEM-Eigenbau)
SX3 (76): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version, aber mit mech. Kontakten und polyAT (GEM-Eigenbau)

WK2 (61): Fatar TP/9S
WK3 (61): Fatar TP/9S
WK4 (61): Fatar TP/9S
WK6 (61): Fatar TP/9S
WK8 (61): Fatar TP/9S
WK8 SE/LE (61): Fatar TP/9S


K3 (61): Matsu****a ESK-3020
K5000 (S und W): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version


01/W (61): Yamaha FS-61
01/W Pro (76): Yamaha FS-E76
01/W Pro X (88): Yamaha A88
Delta (49): Matsu****a ESK-316V (nicht dynamisch)
DSS-1 (61): Matsu****a ESK-903
dw-6000 (61): Matsu****a ESK-70
DW-8000 (61): Matsu****a ESK-901
EC150 (88): Fatar TP/30
EC320 (88): Fatar TP/30
i2 (76): Yamaha FS-E76
i3 (61): Yamaha FS-61
i30 (61): Yamaha FS-61
i4 (S) (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet
i5S (61): Fatar TP/7BA
iS35 (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
iS40 (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
iS50 (61): Fatar TP/7BA
ix300 (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
Karma (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
Kontrol 49 (49): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
Kronos (73/88): Korg RH3
M1 (61): Yamaha FS-61
M3 (61): Matsu****a SK-61
M3 (73): Matsu****a SK-73
M3 (88): Korg RH3
MS2000 (44): Fatar TP/7BA
N1 (88): Yamaha AE2-88
N264 (76): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
N364 (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
Oasys (88): Fatar TP/41 (Custom-Anfertigung), als RH2 bezeichnet
Oasys (76): Yamaha FS-E76
Pa-1x Pro (76): Fatar TP/8SK
PA-2x Pro (76): Fatar TP/8SK
PA-3x Pro (76): Fatar TP/8SK
PA588 (88): Fatar TP/40, bei Korg aber als RH3 bezeichnet
PA800 (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
Poly 800 (49): Matsu****a ESK-70
Poly-61 (61): Matsu****a ESK-70
Polysix (61): Matsu****a ESK-70
PROPHECY (61) Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
RADIAS (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
RK-100 (41): Matsu****a ESK-70
SG Pro X (88): Yamaha AE2-88
SG-1D (88): Yamaha A88
SP100 (88): Fatar TP/10
SP200 (88): Fatar TP/30
SP250 (88): RH3
SP300 (88): Fatar TP/30
SP500 (88): Fatar TP/40, von Korg als RH2 bezeichnet
SV-1: Korg RH3
T1 (88): Yamaha A88
T2 (76): Yamaha FS-76
T3 (61): Yamaha FS-61
TR61 (61): Fatar TP/9S
TR76 (76): Fatar TP/9S
TR88 (88): Fatar TP/41
Trident MKII (61): Matsu****a ESK-30
Trinity (61): Yamaha FS-61
Trinity pro (Extreme) (76): Yamaha FS-E76
Trinity Pro/X (88): Yamaha AE2-88
Triton (Extreme) (61): Yamaha FS-61
Triton LE (61): Fatar TP/9S
Triton LE (76): Fatar TP/9S
Triton pro (Extreme) (76): Yamaha FS-E76
TRITON PROX (Extreme) (88): Yamaha AE2-88
Wavestation (61): Yamaha FS-61
X2 (76): Fatar TP/9S
X3 (61): Yamaha LC-61
X5(D)(61): Fatar TP/7BA
XC2000 (88): Fatar TP/10
Z1 (61): Yamaha FS-61


Artis (88): Fatar TP/100LR
Artis SE (88): Fatar TP/100LR
Artis 7 (76): Fatar TP/8 Piano, neue Version (straffere Federung)

Forte 7 (76): Fatar TP/40L
Forte (88): Fatar TP/40L
Forte SE (88): Fatar TP/40L

K2000 (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet
K2500 (76): Fatar TP/8Piano
K2500X (88): Fatar TP/10
K2600 (76): Fatar TP/8Piano
K2600X (88): Fatar TP/10MDF
K2661 (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet

PC1SE (76): Fatar TP/30
PC1x (88): Fatar TP/30
PC2x (88): Fatar TP/10MDF
PC88 (88): Fatar TP/10MD
PC361 (61): Fatar TP/9S, voll gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)
PC3 (76): Fatar TP/8Piano
PC3X (88): Fatar TP/40L
PC3A6: Fatar TP/9S, voll gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)
PC3A7: Fatar TP/8Piano
PC3A8: Fatar TP/40L
PC3K8 (88): Fatar TP/40L
PC3K7 (76): Fatar TP/8Piano
PC3K6 (61): Fatar TP/9S, voll gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)

PC3LE8 (88): Fatar TP/40L
PC3LE7 (76): Fatar TP/8Piano
PC3LE6 (61): Fatar TP/8Piano

SP4-8 (88): Fatar TP/100
SP4-7 (76): Medeli KB76FPU
SP5-8 : LK40GH
SP76 (76): Fatar TP/8Piano
SPS4-8: LK40GH


Axiom 61: Fatar TP9Piano


Dominion 1 (37): Fatar TP/9S, voll gewichtet (gleiche Version wie in Kurzweil PC361/PC3K6, gekapselte Gewichte)

Modal Electronics (ehemals Modulus)

002 (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)
008 (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)
001 (37): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)


Voyager: Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet, (gekapselte Gewichte)
minimoog Reissue: Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)
Sub 37: Huaxin, Modell unbekannt
Sub Phatty: Huaxin, Modell unbekannt
Memorymoog (61): Matsu****a ESK-70


bass station: Fatar TP/7BA
bass station 2: Huaxin, Modell unbekannt
Impulse: V-Tech (Spielzeughersteller), Modell unbekannt
K-Station (25): Fatar TP/7BA
KS-5 (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)
SL Remote: Fatar TP/9S gewichtet (mit Aftertouch)
SuperNova (II/pro/proX (61): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version
X-Station (49): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet


OB-8 (61), altes Modell: Pratt-Read, Modell unbekannt
OB-8 (61), neueres Modell: Matsu****a ESK-70


Cyber-6 (61): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version
Raven (61): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version
Sirius (49): Fatar TP/7BA

Radikal Technologies

Accelerator: Fatar TP/8SK

Rhodes by Roland

Model 660 (61): Matsu****a SK-761
Model 760 (76): Matsu****a SK-776
VK-1000 (76): Matsu****a SK-876


A-30 (76): Fatar TP/9 Piano
A-33 (76): Fatar TP/9 Piano
A-37 (76): Fatar TP/9 Piano
A-50 (76): Matsu****a SK-376-DW (polyphoner Aftertouch)
A-70 (76): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version (schwerer und straffer als die Aktuelle)
A-80 (88): Matsu****a SK-688
A-90 (88): Matsu****a PA-4A88-F (J-Wire, Poly AT)
AX-1 (49): Fatar TP/7BA
AX-7 (49): Fatar TP/7BA
Alpha Juno-1 (49): Matsu****a SK-391
Alpha Juno 2 (61): Matsu****a SK-361

D-50 (61): Matsu****a SK-361
D-70 (76): Matsu****a SK-776
DJ-70(MKII)(37): Fatar TP/7BA

E-600 (61): Fatar TP/9S
E-80 (61): Fatar TP/9S
EP-10 (61): Matsu****a SK-162
EP-20 (61): Matsu****a SK-162
EP-30 (61): Matsu****a SK-162
EP-7 (76): Matsu****a SK-7P76
EP-9 (88): Matsu****a SK-8P88

Fantom X6 (61): Matsu****a SK-961
Fantom X7 (76): Matsu****a SK-976

FP4 (88): PHA alpha II
FP7 (88): PHA II
FP7-F (88): PHA III Ivory Feel-S
FP-8 (88): Matsu****a PA-488

G-70 (76): Fatar TP/8S
G-600 (61): Fatar TP/9S
G-800 (76): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version
G-1000 (76): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version

HP-60 (61): Matsu****a SK-361
HP-70 (75): Matsu****a SK-371
HP-126 (88): Fatar TP/10
HP-245 (88): Matsu****a PA-4A88
HP-335 (88): Matsu****a PA-4A88
HP-535 (88): Matsu****a PA-4A88
HP-555G (88): Matsu****a PA-4A88
HP-2000 (88): Matsu****a SK-576
HP-2700 (88): Matsu****a SK-688
HP-3000 (88): Matsu****a SK-588 (mech. Kontakte)
HP-3700 (88): Matsu****a SK-688
HP-4500 (88): Matsu****a SK-588
HP-5500 (88): Matsu****a SK-588
HP-5600 (88): Matsu****a SK-588

JD-800 (61): Matsu****a SK-761
JP-8000 (49): Matsu****a SK-949
Juno-106 (61): Matsu****a SK-361
Juno-6/60 (61): Matsu****a SK-361
Jupiter-4 (49): Matsu****a SK-191
Jupiter-6 (61): Matsu****a SK-361
Jupiter-8 (61): Matsu****a SK-361
JV-1000 (76): Matsu****a SK-876
JV-30 (61): Matsu****a SK-861
JV-35 (61): Matsu****a SK-8L61
JV-50 (61): Matsu****a SK-8L61
JV-80 (61): Matsu****a SK-861
JV-90 (76): Matsu****a SK-876
JX-1 (61): Matsu****a SK-861
JX-10 (76): Matsu****a SK-3xx
JX-305 (61): Matsu****a SK-861
JX-3P (61): Matsu****a SK-361
JX-8P (61): Matsu****a SK-361

KR-575(P)(88): Matsu****a PA-4A88
MKB-200 (61): Matsu****a SK-361

RD-100: Fatar TP/10 MDF
RD-200 (76): Matsu****a SK-476
RD-250s (76): Matsu****a SK-676
RD-300 (88): Matsu****a SK-588
RD-300s (88): Matsu****a SK-688
RD-500 (88): Matsu****a PA-488
RD-600 (88): Matsu****a PA-4A88
Rd-700gx (88): PHA II Ivory Feel
RD-700NX (88): PHA III Ivory Feel
RD-1000 (88): Matsu****a PA-388B Holzbalkentastatur
RD-2000: PHA-50 progressive hammer-action keyboard with escapement
PHA-50 Keyboard: Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel (88 keys)

RS-101 (61): Matsu****a SK-161
RS-202 (61): Matsu****a SK-161
RS-505 (49): Matsu****a SK-192

S-10 (49): Matsu****a SK-391
S-50 (61): Matsu****a SK-361
SH-09 (32): Matsu****a SK-132
SH-1 (32): Matsu****a SK-132
SH-1000 (37): Matsu****a SK-132
SH-101 (32): Matsu****a SK-331
SH-2 (37): Matsu****a SK-132
sh-2000 (37): Matsu****a SK-132
SH-3a (44): Matsu****a SK-142
SH-5 (44): Matsu****a SK-142
Sh-7 (44): Matsu****a SK-142
System-100(M)(37): Matsu****a SK-132
System-700(61): Matsu****a SK-162

U-20 (61): Matsu****a SK-761

V-Synth(GT) (61): Matsu****a SK-961
VA-7 (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet
VA-76 (76): Fatar TP/8S
VP-330 (49): Matsu****a SK-191

W-30 (61): Matsu****a SK-361
XP-10 (61): Matsu****a SK-961
XP-30 (61): Matsu****a SK-861
XP-50 (61): Matsu****a SK-8L61
XP-60 (61): Matsu****a SK-861
XP-80 (76): Matsu****a SK-876

V-Piano (88): PHA III Ivory Feel

Sequential Circuits (SCI)

MultiTrak (49): Matsu****a ESK-70
Pro One (37): Pratt-Read, J-Wire
Prophet 2000 (61): Matsu****a ESK-3020
Prophet 5/10 (61): Pratt-Read
Prophet 600 (61): Matsu****a ESK-70
Prophet Remote (49): Pratt-Read
Prophet VS (61): Matsu****a ESK-3020
SixTrak (61): Matsu****a ESK-7113
Split-Eight (61): Matsu****a ESK-70


SG1 (61): Fatar TP/9S (baugleich GEM Genesys)

Tom Oberheim

two voice Pro (37): Fatar TP/9S, Gewichtung noch unbekannt.


Physis Piano H1 (88): Fatar TP40 WOOD (mit "Ivory Feel", Triple Contact)
Physis Piano H2: Fatar TP/40 L (modifiziert)
Physis Piano H3 (73): Fatar TP40 WOOD (mit "Ivory Feel", Triple Contact)

Physis K4 (EX)(88): Fatar TP40 L
Physis K4 GW (88): Fatar TP40 WOOD (mit "Ivory Feel", Triple Contact)
Physis K5 (EX)(76): Fatar TP100 LR

"Oberheim" OB-12 (49): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet


Blofeld Keyboard: Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet, gekapselte Gewichte
Q Keyboard und Q+ (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)
Wave (61): TP/8S, alte Version
XTK (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte)

Zarenbourg: Fatar TP/100
Zarenbourg (76), Modell 2015: Fatar TP/40M


Pegasus: Fatar TP8/S


CLP-260 (88): Yamaha AE2-88
CLP-300 (88): Yamaha AE2-88
CLP-350 (88): Yamaha AE2-88
CLP-360 (88): Yamaha AE2-88
CLP-550 (88): Yamaha AE2-88
CLP-560 (88): Yamaha AE2-88
CLP545 (88): Yamaha NWX
CLP525 (88): Yamaha GH3CP4: NW-GH
CP4 (88): Yamaha NW-GH

DGX-230/YPG235 (76): Yamaha 16N-E76
DGX-305 (76): Yamaha 16N-E76-PNW
DGX-505 (88): Yamaha 16N-A88
DGX-620 (88): Yamaha GH
DGX-630 (88): Yamaha GHS
DGX660 (88) Yamaha GHSP45: GHS
DGX-640 (88): Yamaha GHS
DS55 (61): Yamaha C61 K6
DX11 (61): Yamaha C61 K6
DX7 (61): Yamaha FX-20
DX7IID/FD (61): Yamaha FS-C61 (schwerer als die daraus abgeleitete FS-61, die in sehr vielen Geräten verbaut wurde)

EX5 (76): Yamaha FS-E76
EX7 (61): Yamaha LC-61

KX8 (88): Yamaha GHS
MM8 (88): Yamaha GHS
MO6 (61): Yamaha LC C61
MO8 (88): Yamaha BHE
Motif 6 (61): Yamaha FS-C61
MOTIF 7 (76): Yamaha FS-E76
Motif 8 (88): Yamaha A88 K6
Motif ES 6 (61): Yamaha FS-C61
MOTIF ES 7 (76): Yamaha FS-E76
Motif ES 8 (88): Yamaha A88 K6
MOTIF XF8 (88): Yamaha BHE
Motif XS6 (61): Yamaha C61 K6 FSX D
Motif XS7 (76): Yamaha E76 K6 FSX D
MOTIF XS8 (88): Yamaha A88 K6
MOX8 (88): Yamaha GHS

P105 (88): Yamaha GHS
P115 (88): Yamaha GHS
P150 (88): Yamaha AE2
P155 (88): Yamaha GH
P255 (88): Yamaha GH
P300 (88): Yamaha AE
P35 (88): Yamaha GHS
P500 (88): Yamaha AE
P70(S) (88): Yamaha GH
P85 (88): Yamaha GHS
P95 (88): Yamaha GHS
PF-P100 (88): Yamaha AE
PSR-9000 (61): Yamaha C61 K6

S90ES (88): Yamaha BHE
S90XS (88): Yamaha BHE
SY22 (61): Yamaha LC C61K6
SY35 (61): Yamaha LC C61K6
SY77 (61): Yamaha FS C61
SY85 (61): Yamaha C61K12
SY-99 (76): Yamaha FS-E76

W5 (76): Yamaha FS-E76
W7 (61): Yamaha C61 K6

YDP143 (88): Yamaha GHS
YDP163 (88): Yamaha GH3
YDP181 (88): Yamaha GH
YDP-V240 (88): Yamaha GHS
YPG-625 (88): Yamaha GH
YPG-635/DGX-630 (88): Yamaha GHS
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:) thank you so much for compiling this useful list, you're a star!
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I was looking for this info, thank you so much! One request - Native Instruments! I've been reading reviews and trying to decide if those MIDI controllers are worth the asking price...
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Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol (S49 and S61) MK2 keyboards have: Fatar Keybed semi-weighted
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol (S88) MK2 keyboard has: Fully-weighted, Fatar Keybed (TP/100LR? - not specified)
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@Jason what are you a wizard?? Thanks again so much
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Kawai VPC1: Fully-weighted, RM3 Grand II action (graded, "ivory-like" key surfaces, let-off simulation, bass note counterweights)
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