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  4. Wednesday, 14 March 2018
Watching Blake's NAMM 2018 Montage 2.0 video on YouTube, I really loved the Meeting Place Performance that he "Montage-ified" - I didn't see it posted in any of BadMister's great tutorials, which do have downloadables at the bottom, so I thought to ask here:

I have a Motif Classic, Motif Rack-XS, an s70xs, and a Montage (not to mention the older Yamaha synths like TX816, TX7's, CS-2x, CBX-K1G, etc) - but (or even because of that) I don't have a Motif XF to grab these Performances from.

What is the policy? Are there ownership or IP issues? Are they available for download somewhere? Would that just be as Performances, or would downloading the linked Voices be critical too, due to pointers in each Performance, to specific memory locations?

Thanks. I'm sure I'll be in a studio with an XF at some point....but I'd really like the play on the Meeting Place Performance that sounded so great under Blake's fingers, in the Montage that lets me share its living space.
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Using a popular search engine, I typed in the following as the search terms:

montage "motif xf" performances

For me, the first link returned:


... which may be helpful.

They are not the performances - the voices.

The 5th link yielded:


Which is great if you understand what I assume is Korean.

... but you get the general idea that it can be found on Yamaha's download site:


"Other Downloads"

MOTIF XF Performances for MONTAGE [2.2MB]
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Thank you so much, Jason. I, too, did a search, but all I could find was LISTS of the Voices or Performances.
I see now that one of my mistakes was searching on the http://www.yamahasynth.com website, rather than the full Yamaha website.
Thanks again!

PS. Got it! Working like a charm. It seems I have to assign the Foot Cont2 to SuperKnob (95) in each Performance
That was not hard to find, in Common/Control/Control Number
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It's always good to broaden the "where" search when results come up dry. I didn't use a "site:" qualifier for this one. No problem - the community is also here to help out if you get stuck.
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Bad Mister
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Current tutorial articles on the MONTAG-ification of the Motif XF PERFORMANCE data: Each uses a Motif XF Performance to as a starting point; Goal: to learn how to integrate them into the Motion Control Synthesis Engine. Adding Controllers, Effects, etc., etc.,

The Motif XF had but 2 Assign Knobs per PART, and but 6 Control Set Source/Destinations per PART... the MONTAGE has 8 Assign Knobs per PART, 16 Control Set Source/Destinations per PART and then the Super Knob and its 8 AssignKnobs are new as well. So there is plenty of room to explore and experiment.

The purpose here is to help you to learn to explore what the programmer’s have done and so that you can create your own variations on the data. You may not even like the original PERFORMANCE (it may not even be your style of music) but that does not mean that you cannot change it and at the same time learn something useful from it....

The articles introduce navigational tips and tricks, shortcuts, and step-by-step "how to" routines - on what's NEW about MONTAGE: Links follow.... At the bottom of each article there is a MONTAGE CONNECT (.X7B) Bulk File with customized example data to study and play around with: This can be bulked to your MONTAGE without over writing anything!

Piano Electro

Chilln' Keys

Neon Girlz

Worship Center

Smooth Guitar

Second Breakfast

Free Fall

Winds & Strings

Altered States

Rule the Earth

Creepn Worm

Tenor to the Max

These 12 tutorial articles assume you are listening to the MONTAGE CONNECT data while making the changes and hearing the results. We've been adding a new one regularly since before NAMM...
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Thanks BadMister. As long as the bulk files won't over write anything in my Montage, I'm IN!!! My birthday is in early June, if you are in NYC. Drop in, i'll bake YOU a cake!
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X7B only overwrites your edit buffer. Nothing that is saved.
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