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  4. Wednesday, 21 June 2017
With so many sounds included on this Beast, one cool 'Feature' is when sometimes a 'new' one (or two) pop up, seemingly out of the blue, and blows yer socks off.
Such is the case here, with:
Rd 78 Brite Tremolo and Neo R&B Clean
Just amazing - full, clean, authentic, fat, playable: everything you could want from a Rhodes.
Thank you, Yamaha.
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These along with many other performances were added in v1.10 firmware. No new waveforms - but new programming (performances) using the existing waveforms. Definitely great additions that come with varied amount of fanfare per release.

Take a look at each version's data list for more detail - looking for "*1" notes which is the usual note of a new performance.

The major performance add points as 1.10 and 1.50 as of today.

(... and to be complete - also the free libraries - an acoustic piano set and a Rhodes set - both of which present new waveforms).
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