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  4. Saturday, 14 January 2017
I just picked up the BOM (Best of Motif) Sound Bank and it sounds really good.
My understanding is that it uses the MX's 'always in Performance Mode' (just like the Montage, right?) to make Performances out of Motif VOICES.
Why is this necessary? Most of the Motif Voices are already contained in the various factory MX Performances, as Voices, I thought.
Some of these "BOM" Performance emulations of the original Motif Voices DO sound maybe fatter, or ???
But I was under the impression that the MX used 8 element architecture like the Motif, per/voice?
Thanks for your expertise, and this great resource here.
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Bad Mister
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No, no, understanding of the purpose of the BOMB (Best of Motif Bank) is to change the focus of the "Performances" to the "bread & butter" side of meal. In other words, the "Best of" kind of makes a subjective selection of the sounds that (we) as keyboard players get called upon most when we are hired to play in a gigging situation. You see the Motif-series keyboards on-stage with just about everyone for more than a decade and a half, and mostly you are hearing what we call the "bread & butter" sounds... those sounds that when someone is looking to hire a keyboard player, will get you the gig (assuming, of course, your chops are up to it). So the BOMB bank, as represented in the data, is about reinventing the Performance bank into one that has the sounds that have made the Motif line the go to gigging instrument!

What would qualify as deserving to be in a "best of" bank varies as you travel the world, The BOMB bank was expressly put together here in the USA, and does reflect what 'gets the gig' here. Face it, a solid Acoustic piano, Electric piano, B3, Clav, String, Synth Pad, Piano/String Pad Layer, synth lead, etc, is what will get you the gig, here. Too many "butterflies in space" type sounds and they are looking for someone else... :) You know, some of the Performances are designed for recording, not gigging.

If you listen to the factory Performances some are what might be considered "esoteric", cool, refreshing, even innovative but they are not the "get you the gig" sounds, if you see what I'm saying... So the BOMB is really turning your internal Performances into a Bread & Butter bank, you live here in the US, and I know, you know what I'm saying.

Best of Motif Bank (BOMB) = Bread & Butter, 'nuff said?
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Yes, thanks BadMister! I get it now. I'll keep the BOM bank on my USB stick, so I can load it in for just those situations. But I am already having too much fun editing and saving my edits to the User Bank of Voices and using them in replacing some of the 'butterflies in space' (or in my case (butterflies in my stomach from so much pounding 4 on the floor in the disco) Performances in the Factory Performances.
I've found that sometimes the MX only allows me to save an edit as a User Voice (in the box) after I've edited it's name on the last Edit/Part page.
Now that I've learned that the John Melas Editor/Librarian package has more capabilities than the Vycro MXPro package, I am using its Librarian app to organize my favorites bank of Performances, and the voice editor bundled with it IS awesome! I love John Melas' work, ever since his D50 Editors, and natch, I have the XS Rack Editor he built.
Thanks again for 'being there' for us MXers.
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