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  1. Tommy Mandel
  2. Sherlock Holmes The Voice
  3. S70/90XS
  4. Thursday, 10 September 2015
I can't find the answer in the RM or OM. I'm wondering if it has to do with how the individual Voices are saved, but the "E" (edit) indicator doesn't come on the display from changing the status of the AF buttons, so maybe not. Thanks for any and all help! Awesome instrument.
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Bad Mister
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Hi Tommy,

Short answer is no. The answer is actually in the Data List booklet (PDF) and the Reference Manual (under MIDI). The [AF1]/[AF2] buttons reset to OFF condition whenever a "Reset All Controller" message is sent/received... Like when you recall a program.

The "E" is indeed for when a Program has been edited, but the AF buttons do not necessarily edit a Voice, same as moving the MW, PB Wheel, or a FC or Sustain pedal does not necessarily edit a Voice. They are in the category of realtime Controllers. The Controller Reset is responsible for zeroing out controllers so a new Program starts from a playable status.

For example, the MW, if you are playing a synth lead and happen to leave the MW in an up position, if controllers did not reset your next Voice would inherit this MW position... Which could be disastrous if it is a piano sound that you switch to... So it is a standard throughout MIDI, that controllers normally return to a default condition... In general, they default to the most play-ready condition.

MW resets to 0
PB resets to 0
FC resets to 127 (toe down)
AF1/AF2 to 0 (off)
Sustain to 0

Yamaha provides you with an option to set CONTROLLER RESET = HOLD... This makes your controllers "live" (as long as you stay in the same MODE). This means moving from Voice to Voice, or Performance to Performance, your Controllers remain set where they physically are set.
REFERENCE MANUAL page 138 Controller Reset
Select "MIDI"
Scroll down to Controller Reset
When set to Hold they simply remain wherever you last left them.

Your other option, knowing that the AF function will default to OFF, is to store the Voice (in Voice mode) so that they are recalled in the condition you desire and you use the AF button to switch to the other condition. This way when the Voice is used in a Performance or Mix it defaults to the way you want it to initially play.

Hope that helps!
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It most certainly does BadMister! Thanks very much, as always. I had thought to reprogram the voices (and store them in the ample free memory locations) the opposite way and use the buttons in reverse, but I hadn't tried to look in the DataList.pdf. I will from now on.
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