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  4. Wednesday, 17 November 2021
HI here is a video of the deepmind. At 15 minutes you can hear the sound without fx and then with it. What I need help with is how to get that delay reverb sound on the montage exactly. Anyone have any ideas with the fx placement and settings? To me it sounds like a shimmer verb and long delay but not sure..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzMX0wip1JY

Please be specific or even better can you share a patch on soundmondo?

I think we dont have the correct reverb on the montage to do this which is why I cannot get it right
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I'm no FM expert and my threshold for matching sounds is pretty low. Meaning - I'm likely to call something "close enough" far away from what you would deem as what you're after.

The motivation is fairly low to take the time to get this done (at least for me). It's not necessarily a sound of high interest for myself combined with how busy this time of the year. Maybe in 2022 I'll take a look at it.

I'm not going to go as far as to say Montage can exactly duplicate this in a manner that matches millisecond-by-millisecond scope captures including all nuances that - if I were to start tackling this - your feedback may be something along the lines of that level of sameness and subsequent veto. I say this because even if you sampled the sound maybe there's a dynamic response that's different while the sampled version may be more static (without an exact matching effect or underlying engine).

For me, I could get close enough with the built-in sounds and/or FM. But that's my threshold - not yours.
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HI im following up on this. If the Montage can make this sound I would like to hear it in a preset. if noone who is capable can provide it then I think the Montage cannot do it.

If you'd like to have this in a Preset, you can add/request it as a future enhancement via https://yamahasynth.ideascale.com

I am more than capable of programming that sound either via AWM2 or even with just 3 or 4 operators in an FM-X PART. But it would take some time & effort to find the initial sound, and then tweak it to get it right. Then more time to shape the sound via effects/functionality to the desired enhanced sound you want.
We've given you options on what effects/features to use that can help you program it yourself...now you have to take the time and do the heavy lifting. The first thing is to go through various Performances and check various Waveforms to find/create that initial sound, then once you find it (&/or tweak it to get it right), then you need to use the effects/functionality within the Montage to have it sound like the enhanced version that you seek. If I didn't have so many projects of my own to program new sounds that don't exist on the Montage, I might be inclined to give you both AWM2 and FM-X versions of it just for fun, but I don't have time and I don't think you'll find many on here that are going to do that for you. You have to just dig in and program it yourself. We've given you the ingredients to use; now you need to start baking & figure out the recipe. ;)

But make no mistake, the Montage can definitely emulate that sound you seek. I've yet to find a sound not currently on the Montage, that I can't reproduce, as it is a Beast and can do anything I need it to. :)
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HI im following up on this. If the Montage can make this sound I would like to hear it in a preset. if noone who is capable can provide it then I think the Montage cannot do it.
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If someone can still make that deepmind patch on the montage that would be great.
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Hey these effects are pretty cool for what I want to make (generative). I wish I had knew about these when this came out :D A whole article could be written about these fx to create randomness. Too bad the part lfo cant modulate more of these parameters at once with sample and hold- like 16 at a time. I want the beat repeat early reflection and symphonic chorus and reverb all on one part :-)

also is there a way to modulate the part lfo speed and phase?
Bad Mister
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Good call Darryl, since much of what is considered a shimmer effect has much to do with the kind of thickening you get when emulating the unison effect… you can recall our discussion, this thickening effect developed from the same place as the Chorus type effects that are multiple taps — the Roland Dimension D and the Yamaha Symphonic were the grandfathers of shimmer reverb, anyway. Both were staples in the 80’s

Back in the day, (early 1980’s) you had minimal control over the parameters with the Symphonic Effect Type (often everything was completely preset - you selected the amount you wanted). It was used to create a feel of ensemble from single sound sources… pitch and timing offsets, and multiple taps… appeared initially on the Yamaha SPX processors (which ruled during that time).

As you know from your experiments with recreating the Unison tones, the Symphonic is one of those hidden gems… now in the synths in a much more programmable format.

Combining the Symphonic (Chorus) and Early Reflection is a very good start. (The concept of the Early Reflection has to do with the time between the source output and the barrier returning signal.

Combining the Symphonic with a Reverb is going in the right direction. The options available for pitch change or shifting abound. If you have not had time to experiment with the the various BEAT REPEAT effects, walk don’t run… take an afternoon and you’ll find just how far you can extend a slice of time. Beat Repeat is what it sound likes… you can take a moment of time ( a beat) and do just about anything with it over time — including altering pitch!

Shimmer as an effect was born from this kind of combination of functions! Fairly easy to replicate with what’s on board the MONTAGE/MODX!
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I don't know if there is an Insert Reverb that will do all that, as it does have a shimmer to it, but also a unison thicking effect, as well as deeper bass, cutoff highs, etc.!

I think I could probably replicate that on the Montage using a Cutoff, Motion Sequencing, EQing + Insert Reverb effect "SPX Hall" (setting the Dry Wet to ~D<W38 & LPF Cutoff to 1.0kHz) & Insert effect "Symphonic"

Or you could try the following two Insert effects (plus maybe some EQ'ing if necessary):
1. "Symphonic" under Chorus with LFO Speed (~0.25Hz), LFO Depth (~35), Dry/Wet (~D<W60) and EQ Low Gain (~+9dB)/EQ Low Freq (~180Hz)
2. "Early Reflection" under the 'Misc' category, setting the Type to 'Random', Room Size to something higher (~8.2), the Dry/Wet to (~D<W38), and the LPF Cutoff to (~1.0kHz)
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