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  1. Richardson
  3. Thursday, 11 September 2014
Hi, I would like to know if is there any possibility of Yamaha CO. launch a new piano sampler for Motif XF or MOXF derived from CFX piano? I ask this because some times ago Yamaha released CP1 piano derivered from CFIII. Thanks.
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Bad Mister
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Welcome to Yamaha Synth!

There is, of course, a possibility that Yamaha could release a version of a CFX piano sample set for the Motif XF. The letter "F" in the name "Motif XF stands for Flash ... Which allows Motif XF owners to add custom Waveforms extending the available set of source waves. Currently, the Yamaha CP4 Stage is the only "portable" Yamaha instrument that feature this iconic Yamaha piano. "portable" here means: able to move to gig without a moving company! :-)

Whether or not, or even if this is going to happen is something I have no knowledge of at this time. The Motif XF and the CP4 have different technologies - but share enough so that certainly Yamaha could make a version of CFX for the XF at some point in the future. The XF's Flash expansion allows Yamaha to continually extend the sound set available to build new Voices. Each Flash Board slot can (at maximum) house an additional 2,048 new Waveforms (that's in addition to the 3,977 Preset (factory) Waveforms).

You may want to state your interest in what you would like to see in Athan's Voice of the Customer/Future Yamaha Synths forum heading area And while no promises can be issued, registering your interest will be duly noted.

The CP4 Stage is a specially designed instrument with natural wooden key action, GH3 triple strike sensors, and synthetic Ivorite keys - all to complement the principle CFX Grand acoustic sound. In my humble opinion, the CP4 Stage plus a Motif XF is the ultimate keyboard player's rig... In fact, currently, it really doesn't get any better than that!!!
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