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  4. Sunday, 26 March 2017
I do believe I'm getting the hang of the Mod Routings, but wouldn't it be great (and not difficult for Yamaha's Crack Ace programming Team to implement) if we could just change (reassign) an existing Modulation Routing (all of them for a given controller) to a DIFFERENT Controller? (without deleting and reentering copious connection data.)

For example a lot of the LFO vibrato mod (or Rotary Speed Switching) is assigned to the Mod Wheel, right? So, without having to delete and re-enter all of those connections, part by part, to, for example, Aftertouch, or AF1, if we could
Shift/Tap on the Controller name on the touchscreen (to the right of the AutoAssign button),
and be greeted with a "Controller Reassign?" field?

I don't think that is possible as of yet, and I hope this post makes sense.
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It would be a nice addition
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Currently there are summary screens that "pull together" data from other menus and give you information across multiple elements, for example. The "all" type screens. It'd be great to have an "all" screen which summarizes the sources and destinations. There are only 16 total for any given part - so a per-part summary screen just showing what these are would be useful. This is a screen where perhaps you could reassign the source. It isn't quite the automation you're looking for - since you have to repeat up to around 8-times (how ever many parts are used in a performance) going to each PART's source/destination "all" screen. But does remove the tedious hunt-and-peck for source/destination pairs if they were all summarized together.

The summary page, like other summary pages, would not display all details. Maybe just source, destination, ratio, and polarity. That's it - no curve selection or other detail. No drawing of the curve shape. Like other summary pages. This might be a compromise of a useful screen that would help more readily demonstrate what's going on "at a glance" and allow for changing what you want.

Perhaps a sort by source, sort by destination. Allows you to find duplicates either way - or groups together for easier editing anything with the same controller (and maybe you want to change from that controller to a different one).
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