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  1. Paul
  2. reface
  3. Sunday, 29 December 2019
I have found the documentation for changing the MIDI receive channel for the CP:

However, it seems that I need to repeat the process for setting MIDI OMNI to OFF each time I power on the CP. This is quite inconvenient for my setup.

Is it possible to save this setting so that it does not revert to OMNI ON after power off / on?
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Bad Mister
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Yes. The article you are referring to was from 4 years ago and references the original operating system (firmware).
You should update your firmware (V1.30 is the latest) the MIDI Receive Channel is memorized now, once set.

Once you select a MIDI Channel it will remain set to that MIDI channel (even between power cycles) until you manually change it.

Power On while hold down A3-C#4-E4
This places the refaceCP in a mode you can make the Receive Channel settings.
While holding down D#2 (lowest D#) touch the Key corresponding to the MIDI Channel you want.
Once you’ve selected, reboot. You have set the Receive Channel for your refaceCP. It will remain until you decide to change it.

The Supplementary Manual for version 1.30 pages 19-20 shows the details with handy graphics showing which Key corresponds to which MIDI Channel.

Let us know.

Link to the reface Download page : reface Downloads
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Thank you! This worked just as described.
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