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  1. John
  2. CP88-CP73 Stage Piano
  3. Monday, 27 January 2020
I have to carry the keyboard up and down flights of stairs frequently, so a case with backpack straps for the CP73 would be pretty useful for me. I haven't had much luck finding one at the moment besides potentially this case: https://www.gatorcases.com/products/keyboard/pro-go-ultimate-keyboard-gig-bags/pro-go-keyboard/61-note-keybaord-gig-bag-g-pg-61/ with interior dimensions 42.5" x 17.5" x 7". However the CP73 dimensions are 42.75" x 14" x 5.6" - very slightly (a quarter inch) longer than the dimensions of the case. I have not tried the case personally though, so there may be a chance that the case actually does fit.

I'm just wondering if anyone has experiences with this case or any other case that has backpack straps for the CP73.
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Same here...

I need backpack bag for CP73, more conviniet
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  2. CP88-CP73 Stage Piano
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