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  3. Friday, 01 April 2016
The EX5 VL synth engine sounds very good and it can be very expressive. Unfortunately there are only very few preset voices that use VL. By 'voices' I mean patches, not VL elements (*)

What is missing is the data needed to set up convincing Voices instruments using a VL element as an oscillator, i.e. the values for the Freq, Reso and Gain for the 5 bands of the parametric EQ that makes the filter of a VL type Voice. E.g. there are preset patches for a soprano sax, an alto sax and a tenor (labelled 'tennor') sax, but none for a baritone sax: there exists an appropriate VL element (#216), but what are the right values for the EQ filter at Voice level to obtain a realistic bari from that element? Same problem with other reed, brass or string instruments...

>>> Could someone please help with providing the values for the Freq, Reso and Gain for the 5 bands of the parametric EQ by picking those values from a VL-1 for the acoustic instruments not covered by EX5 preset Voices (cf. list and pics below)?


Soprano Sax (EX5 preset Voice exists)
Alto Sax (EX5 preset Voice exists)
Tenor Sax (EX5 preset Voice exists)

Bari Sax
Bass Clarinet

--double reed
English Horn

Flute (EX5 preset Voice exists)
Pan Pipes

Trumpet (EX5 preset Voice exists)
Muted Trumpet (EX5 preset Voice exists)

French Horn

Trombone (EX5 preset Voice exists)

Double Bass


On the EX5:


On the VL-1 :



(*) btw the 16 custom VL slots of my EX5R contain the VL Custom Elements by Phil Clendeninn ;)
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(Sorry for my english, I'm french Belgian!). I've bought an EX5 this week and I don't have any disks with it. I have the same frustration: how to make these VL sounds! Some parameters like mouthpiece, bow/breath,etc... seems to be fixed with the patches elements but I cannot have realistic sounds by myself, so I've found an editor for 2016 computers that seems to work with EX5! It's called "VL Wizard" and for sale and you have a free demo software available. As I saw there, it's sold with a lot of programmed sound and you could also change or save your custom VL slots. I immediately remember your post to inform you about that. This is the website: http://www.vl70m-editor.com/site/
Good to see some guys maintaining these machines alive...
There's also EX5TECH.COM It's an old forum and I can't sign in but maybe a problem from my computer?
Good luck and have fun, this EX5 is a powerful beast!
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