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  4. Saturday, 15 May 2021
I wonder if it is in Montage or could be implemented....
If it is, I will buy a Montage 8 immediately.

Often I use velocity and hold time to allow a voice in.

And often I wish those voices will keep sounding once the velocity and or hold requirements have been triggered at least once.

I think it could be made via an INCORPORATE option along a NUMBER of times for it to be triggered.

So, I am playing a piano and a soprano is waiting for a velocity to sing....
Now I mark the option INCORPORATE and move a dial next to that option to select a NUMBER, say three.

I trigger the soprano once.... sings....then stops below the velocity threshold....then sings again....and once more stops for a while....and for a third time is triggered and INCORPORATED for the rest of the song regardless of any velocity, as it matched the NUMBER for it to remain incorporated.

Oh, please, please....I need this..

PD: No, I am not going to leave the keys behind to reach for a volume slider, no.
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I do not handle situations where you can set some number of times (say after the 2nd or 3rd time of reaching a velocity - then a Part will sound). I do, however, often have cases where after the FIRST time something happens - then a Part will be "turned on" (sound).

Most of the time I use note range. So only after I play a certain note - which is the first of a run in the piece - then a different instrument is turned ON (starts sounding) and stays that way.

You can also do this with velocity.

I use motion sequence for this. It's not the most efficient way (polyphony-wise) - because I adjust the level of a Part to squelch it before it sounds. Then after the trigger note is pressed (or trigger velocity) - then the Part will have its level increased.

The reason I have to do something like this is that the piece requires me to switch ON (or sometimes OFF) a Part faster than I can manage pressing SCENE buttons. I need both hands to lay the passage - but a sound also needs to change. I don't like using velocity as much as note range myself - but either will work equally as well.
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Those are exactly the reasons after my request...

1...not wanting to reach for a controller.
2....not matching exactly required velocity among lots of other voices velocity settings. So I get it well a number of times and then there you go...
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