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  4. Saturday, 07 August 2021
I tried this in my Fantom and it failed. It is ok while played, but the recording does not reflect it adequately, just a very short blurr far from the original.

So, please, I would like to know and understand what Montage will record if I use the last chord on a voice, adjusted so as to have a very long decay, to use modulation while it fades (all keys off) in order to transmit some letters using Morse code, say SOS>>> ... --- ...

A MIDI signal being modified after being played is not part of the data worth recording....? Or is it ? Or it can only be captured via audio...?

Thank you.
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I'm not sure the totality of what sound you want to modulate - but with Montage you can use MIDI to modulate superknob which can certainly generate an SOS morse code pattern on the release of a note. If you use FM-X then release can be "infinite" and superknob for the morse code effect and if you want motion sequence to fade out. Trigger the fade on say hitting the lowest note on your keyboard (which could also be automated through MIDI).

The options don't stop there. You can also use a control arpeggio to form the SOS pattern and trigger that ARP at the end of the tune.

Or you could use motion sequence for the SOS pattern then use the motion sequence trigger button to start.

All of this could be automated by external MIDI.
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Thank you, Jason.
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