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  1. David
  2. MODX
  3. Sunday, 18 October 2020
I'm considering purchasing an MODX8 keyboard. From my research, it appears that the MODX doesn't have a full-fledged on-board sequencer.

Since I use a DAW (currently Cakewalk, but I'm thinking of switching over to Cubase but concerned about the learning curve) to do all of my recording anyway, is there any reason to be concerned about the limited sequencer capabilities of the MODX?

Thanks for your input!
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If your research does not include the pattern sequencer recently added to MODX - then there may be more updating (on your research) to do.

Maybe you already know this - but worth reviewing that at one time MODX only had a Performance Recorder that was a good way to press "record" on the virtual tape recorder - but not a great way to go back and make edits. The Pattern Sequencer now brings many of the Motif era sequencer capabilities to MODX - bridging much of the gap between the launch "tape recorder only" to today.

No, you don't get the full Motif-era sequencer. But you get a "fuller-fledgier" sequencer than available at launch and provided the most harsh criticism.

You don't have to switch from Cakewalk if you don't want to. Cubase AI will come supplied with MODX - so you can just fire it up every other weekend. Or never. Or just to check out something you see someone else online doing and don't want to translate what they do to Cakewalk. It's up to you.
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Bad Mister
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I would only add that the MODX introduces several possible new workflows. Because part of the design concept behind “montage” as the name of the synth is the ability to transform the sound you’re performing as you play it. You have the capability to control 8 synth Parts at once, each of the Parts could have its own Arpeggiator. You can use as many as you like to support you as you play...
inside the Motion Control Synthesis Engine, one sound can be modifying another, you can ‘morph’ between combinations of instruments. Things not really possible when recording one instrument sound at a time.

Recognizing DAWs offer the majority of editing tools with the room to allow all manner of visual editing, you can use the onboard Performance Recorder to document your multiple Part performing... then you can literally drag n drop the data from the MODX into your favorite DAW. When you’re connected via USB, you can communicate with Sequencer data folders in the MODX’s internal memory (MODX CONNECT).

Or you can setup to record multiple MIDI Tracks directly from the MODX to your DAW. In your DAW you would create a separate track for each Part and record multiple Parts simultaneously.

Of course, you can work in traditional 16 Part multi-timbral, one track at a time method. It is your choice. Pick the best tools for the job.
If your used to drawing in controllers in a DAW, you can do that.
If you’re into using physical controllers to add controller automation you can do that as well.
The Super Knob and Assign Knob system allow a very flexible way to create automation.

Motion Sequences are like note-less arpeggio phrases, that can be used to automate parameter changes. These can be assigned, sync’d to tempo, etc. Motion Sequences are applied to the synth parts and are yet another function that introduces a new workflow. It’s a door to possibilities...

In addition to the “Performance Recorder” -which features both a linear recorder “MIDI Song” and a loop recording “Pattern Sequencer”.
Designed specifically to handle what’s new and different about this synth engine... the MODX also features the “Arpeggiators” and the Motion Sequencer... new ways to generate data and control parameter automation. Side Chaining allows one Part to interact with your performance on another... this is why multichannel recording becomes a thing to do.

Again, you can choose how you want to work!
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