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  4. Sunday, 20 December 2020
Today we were doing a streaming video at SIR NYC (37th St), and I requested a Montage. It was so great to have a nice '8' all set up when I got there. I had done a Backup on mine (v.3) before I went downtown, all masked up, and it loaded fine into SIR's Montage 8. Here's the weird thing: only the first Performance of my USER Live Set(s) was loaded. The rest were blank. And the one that did load seemed to have the FX or sustain settings wrong. The Restore had not been interrupted.
I didn't have time to get into it, and had a great time playing with the Preset Live Set(s) - but I was wondering if that could have been caused by their Montage not being updated to V 3?
Thanks for any advice as always.
PS, I just downloaded and Installed the (free) MONTAGE EXPANDED Library, and am finding all sorts of great sounds! Not sure if they're all new, since part of this Library is a 'greatest hits' collection - but they're new to ME! Thanks, Yamaha!
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Since new Montage adds the FM-X morphing, I'm not sure how older keyboards handle this new feature. There may also be other new performance types for live set. I think the general advice is to update firmware on backline equipment to match your current version. I think if it was a newer version of firmware with an older backup - you'd be OK.

I guess the other workaround is to carry backups for different versions. Assuming you have an old backup for an earlier firmware version "laying around" - maybe that'd be better than using only presets.
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