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  1. Zache
  2. CP88-CP73 Stage Piano
  3. Friday, 27 December 2019
I'm looking at purchasing a new keyboard, and am toying between the CP73, and the MODX8. A great piano sound is important to me, and so the CP73 seemed the right choice, but in terms of the SUB section, I was dissapointed. My question is: Is there any way to expand or replace sounds with others on the CP73, or load your own samples? Thanks!
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Bad Mister
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New Wave ROM is made available via firmware updates... there have been two since it’s introduction a year ago. This is an important part of the design concept. Firmware updates are not just bug fixes, but include new Wave ROM, CP88/CP73 Live Set programs, as well as new features and workflow improvements.

Exploring the New Sounds CP88/CP73 OS V1.2

Feedback from the user base is integral in the direction of additions to the Wave ROM. There is no loading of custom user Waveforms (that is the domain of the MODX/MONTAGE series).

Mastering MODX Article Series

Hope that helps
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  2. CP88-CP73 Stage Piano
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Thanks very much!
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  2. CP88-CP73 Stage Piano
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