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  1. David
  2. MOXF
  3. Saturday, 28 March 2020
Hi Phil - hope you are well in these trying times. I purchased a well-formatted MIDI track that includes the SysEx command (F0, 7E, 7F, 09, 01, F7), which of course causes all the programmed parts to reset to an initialized state when I play it from the beginning of the file. That's fine for the parts, but it of course wipes out my A/D IN settings, which I carefully programmed (I'm using a guitar input to play over the track). I understand that the purpose of the SysEx is to return things to the initial state, but I'm wondering if there is some alternative to that command (or a variant of it) that would initialize the MIDI tracks but bypass a saved setting for the A/D IN? (In other words, a SysEx ... with A/D IN bypass). It is irritating to have to reprogram the A/D IN every time I start the SONG over. My alternative I suppose is to remove the SysEx and just program each individual part with its desired VOICE and then store the new settings, but the track is just how I like it now and I'd rather not mess with the programming.

A follow-up question is how to setup some physical control over the A/D IN settings? I've read your great article on the subject
(https://www.yamahasynth.com/moxf-category/physical-controllers-and-destination-parameters-moxf) but I don't think it addresses setting up a controller for, say, the INSERTION EFFECT that I've applied to my guitar. I know how to set up the controller but I can't seem to figure out where to access it from the A/D IN menus.

Thanks as always, David
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Bad Mister
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You seem to know exactly what you need to do. You have a keyboard that can memorize all your settings... stop depending on the author of the GM File to make your decisions, as you already discovered they are unconcerned that you wish to add a customized A/D Input setting.

Here’s how to fix it with a minimum of pain (and effort) — allows you to keep the GM settings but let’s you get rid of the a Reset command.

Start your file as you normally do — complete with the GM RESET — let the first measure play... all the programs will change... then on the MOXF press [STORE] to lock in the initial settings. STOP the playback..

Now remove the GM RESET message — DELETE it from the Track data completely.
Make your A/D input Settings.
Press [STORE] again to add your newly updated settings for the A/D Input...

Make sure you have the Song location named properly.
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Thanks very much. This worked perfectly of course. And your advice about not depending slavishly on the original MIDI programmer is a great thing to remember and that I will take to heart. I'm still learning new things about the MOXF everyday, even after all these years of owning it. It is a great machine.

Thanks again Phil. David
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