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  3. Monday, 30 August 2021
Check it out here!
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My old Performances before Keyboard Control was added to scene memory still use Mute (I'll get around to changing them if it irks me enough -- Mute is fine in certain situations). I hardly use Mute anymore and favor Keyboard Control as it almost always makes sense to allow for held notes to keep sounding as I hold down notes through a scene change. "SSS-like" within the context of a single Performance.

The "only" thing that sometimes gets in the way is when editing a Performance one will often have a particular Part selected. This will "interfere" with intent if your intent is to always have Keyboard Control=OFF parts avoid responding to piano key presses. In this case, the "wrong" (not intended) thing will happen - my Keyboard Control=OFF Part (and no other Part) will respond to piano keypresses (this is the way it works - not a bug or necessarily a problem) ... I'll notice this ... then I'll go "oh yeah" and press [PERFORMANCE] (HOME) in order to de-select the selected Part. Now all Keyboard Control=OFF Parts will not sound and only Keyboard Control=ON Parts will sound.

This influences the wish that scenes could store Part selection. Either to select any single Part 1-16 or none (select "Common" ). And that the memory of this selection could be turned ON/OFF if desired so a scene doesn't need to change Part selection if you wanted that. This system would allow for a scene button to, if configured, automatically remove Part selection to force only using Keyboard Control=ON Part(s) -- which I would really use -- AND it also allows for forcing selection of a single Part that has Keyboard Control=OFF which would be helpful for utilizing "solo" Parts that would otherwise be more difficult to select.

All of that aside - this was a really big deal of a feature requested and implemented. One (of many) of those tangible examples that requests can make their way into firmware updates.

The great thing about this feature is you can are given an opportunity to loosen the timing requirement of when to press a scene button that brings in a new sound. When holding a note of a long duration at the end of the phrase - you can now press a scene button before lifting up to stop this sound and "stage" the new sound(s) = Part(s) by pressing the scene button and the new sound(s) are ready to go for your next piano keypresses. Really, the exact same as SSS except with the added benefit that arpeggios and motion sequences continue to work. A "fix" for the downside of using SSS assuming you don't need the extra 8 Parts under keyboard control which SSS gives you.

Part of this message is to attempt to influence checking out the feature if you haven't yet. It's mostly a live-playing feature (whatever that means to you - gigging or real-time playing that's recorded). If you use your keyboard in a "live-playing" situation and haven't checked this out - you owe it to yourself to learn to use this feature. Highly recommended "new stuff".
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The surfacing of this looks much more like a feature that finally made it out of the Product Designer's playbook and into the device than the result of user requests, after repeated requests and messaging to the programming team of "just get it done... and no, it doesn't need a UI".
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