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  1. James
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Monday, 08 August 2016
Recently, I was watching the Music Production with Motif video and it had a scene where it was describing how to setup the Motif in Studio One and making the connection using USB and Firewire. It stated at the end that you will be able to send a composition or song from the Motif to Studio One to work with that song in Studio One but it doesn't tell me how to do this. Does anyone know how to do this.
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Bad Mister
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Sorry, I'm not familiar with the section of the video you talk about... But as far as I know unless you are using Cubase, you will have to save your Motif XF SONG as a SMF (Standard MIDI File). This file can be saved yo a USB drive which you can then move over to your computer an import to your DAW. Use the same MIXING setup in the Motif XF - all tracks will lineup with the files MIDI channels.
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It was scene 17 with Steady B, thanks for your input, it's greatly appreciated.
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Hi James,

I don't think that Steady B was actually opening the composition in StudioOne. What it looked like he was doing was doing a multi-channel record of a demo song off of the Motif. In order to send all of that *audio* at once you'll need the FW-16e Firewire Card installed into your Motif. If you just want to do MIDI record only, the USB will work.

I've owned my Motif for awhile and have been a StudioOne owner since Version 1. I've just watched that section of the Music Production with Motif video with Steady B explaining how to hook the Motif into StudioOne. Steady B talks about using Studio One with a Motif XF on a Mac. Although he shows a Firewire Card installed on his XF he only discusses integrating the Motif with StudioOne via USB and recording analog audio into StudioOne for two channels.

If you're using Firewire I've found that you can use the setup instructions for Firewire and Cubase. I've only done it on a PC. The instructions are here:


Mac instructions are also available.

Once you've installed using the setups for Cubase, all of the Firewire audio ports on the Motif will be available to DAWs like Cubase, Logic and StudioOne. Once I had everything setup properly I was able to record 16 digital Audio tracks from the Motif simultaneously into StudioOne via Firewire just like you see SteadyB demo at the end of the video.

Good Luck!
  1. https://yamahasynth.com/blog/motif-xf-ysfw-setup-windows-with-cubase/271-motif-xf-ysfw-setup-windows-with-cubase
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Thanks Bill, that was a lot of help.
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