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  1. Derek
  2. The Voice
  4. Sunday, 20 August 2017

First newbie question.

I am starting to get my Montage ready for stage use in a few weeks and I am now setting up performances to suit.

I am using a few stock performances, saved as my own so I can edit them, and I want the scenes within them in a more logical order.

Say, I have a Performance with Scenes 5, 3, 8, 7 of interest and I want to change them (in order of mention) to 1, 2, 3, 4. Just so it is easier to hit the scenes in order.

Is there an easy way to copy or move scenes about to change their order?
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Hi Derek,
I don't think there is any utility to move scenes like you want. However you can copy scenes easily. Pressing shift and scene number copies the current settings into the scene number you pressed. So if you activate scene 1 and press shift scene 2, it will copy scene 1 to scene 2. Of course you have just lost scene 2. But if you want to swop them, you could use scene 8 as a temporary location, assuming you are not needing scene 8. So in this example, we copy scene 2 to scene 8 using the method I described, copy scene 1 to scene 2 and then scene 8 to scene 1.

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Hi, Sean

Thanks for that. Handy tip!

So, that will probably do me, as I don't think I have heard a performance so far where I want to keep all 8 scenes, so it will be a bit like those tile puzzles to shuffle them about into place. :)
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