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  4. Saturday, 12 December 2020
I got a Yamaha AG06 Mixer/audio Interface a couple of years ago and used it with a mx49 when I needed to record vocals.

I then got a Genos last year that don't have an onboard audio interface and found out that the audio was terrible when recording to the AG06.
There was a lot humming noise on the recordings and this was not an issue with the mx49.
At first I thought it might be some electric interference at my home, but then I found another guy with the same combination – Genos + AG06 – and the exact same problem.
That led me to think that the signal from Genos might be too hot, so instead I bought a Zoom audio Interface with spdif and connected the genos that way. No more sound issues.

Now when the MODX already have an audio interface, I am thinking about selling my two other audio interfaces. I am aware that the MODX don’t have phantom
power, but I have already an external phantom power supply. I will only use the MODX, and some VST instruments and record to Cubase, so do
you think that the MODX audio interface will be enough for my needs or should I keep the AG06?

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Considering you have the phantom base covered - you probably don't need the extra gear. However, I would always advocate having some amount of time to have more gear than you need than sell it anticipating you won't need it. Get the MODX integrated into your environment and spend some time seeing if you have an application for the other gear or not. You may still find application for it once you get going on the MODX.
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Thanks Jason. I will receive the modx in the beginning of next week and I'll keep my current gear until I'm sure I can live without it.
Coming from a Genos it will probably be a huge learning curve but that's part of the fun :D
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