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  1. David
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Thursday, 07 May 2020
I have a few questions about Portamento time mode:

I understand the distinction between rate 1 and time 1 as follows :
With rate 1, it will take longer to complete a slide from notes that are farther apart compared to notes that are closer together.
With time 1, It will take the same amount of time to complete a slide between two notes no matter how close or far apart they are.

Assuming that's correct, my second question:
The reference manual explanation for rate 2 and time 2 includes the phrase:
" within an octave."
I could use some clarification on what that means. Doesn't mean the portamento effect will only work between two notes that are within an octave each other? That would be my best guess, but my little experiments didn't seem too support that. It's seem to work no matter the interval between the two notes.
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Bad Mister
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To hear and understand “Rate 2“ and “Time 2”, use a mono sound with Fingered Portamento, as an example, over four octaves low note going up to high note...

Unlike “Rate 1“ and “Time 1”, where the pitch travels the full four octaves, notice how the pitch only travels the last octave to the target note. All pitch movement is ‘within an octave’ of the target note no matter the start and end (target) note.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks Bad Mister.
That did help. It's a nice effect.

Am I correct that the "2" settings only work when you going from a low note to a high note? It didn't seem to work going in the downward direction.

Also, I couldn't detect any difference in the duration of the slide between rate 2 and time 2.

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Bad Mister
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The definitions are the same for Rate 2 and Time 2, except it all takes place within an octave of the target ... making it more appropriate to mimic acoustic instruments that can actually do portamento.

Again try a mono instrument (a Single Trombone) Fingered, set the Time = 100
Play a major third in either direction first with TIME MODE = Rate 2, then the same interval set to Time 2.
Then try an interval of a fifth.. then an Octave (be sure to restart the initial note each time). Time 2 remains the same amount of time to cover the distances. While Rate 2 takes longer to cover the distance the farther the distance

Thing about Portamento is if you think of it only in terms of ‘science fiction’ application used on analog synths, you forget that some acoustic instruments do actually have the ability to do Portamento (but typically the range is much more conservative). Trombones, penny whistles, stringed instruments... but range is typically limited.
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