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  4. Wednesday, 16 December 2020

I've tried to follow the instruction on how to format a USB stick on the MODX, but I'm getting some issues when I try to press the job button to get the format option.
I see the USB stick and select it from the Utility -> Content -> Load menu, but when I press "job", nothing happens, I just see an orange dot. Is the job function disabled somehow or is it something else I do wrong?

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All should be well if you format a USB drive on your PC using FAT32.

If you like to do it on the synth, maybe this article plus video may be of help, formatting is shown there.
  1. https://yamahamodxfaq.wordpress.com/2020/10/13/firmware-update/
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Thanks Rudy,

I did follow the guide before, but for some reason I cannot use the job button. By formatting the USB as FAT32 on my PC,
the update worked without any issues. I am just curious why this job button don't seems to work. Is it needed in other situations?

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