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  4. Sunday, 18 October 2020
You can ‘drag and drop’ the current contents of the MONTAGE Sequencer into Cubase, be it a Pattern Scene or a Song. It takes less time than writing that last sentence. You should add this to your workflow. There is no need to do what you’re asking.

You’ll want to configure Cubase so that when you click on the “Import” feature in MONTAGE CONNECT, you simply drag the icon into the Track field at the measure you desire and Cubase will automatically do with the data what you tell it to do when you Import MIDI Files.

Sounds simple.

Please show exact screenshots of how to do this. It sounds like magic. Hard to believe it's possible.

Please keep the following in mind:

Have you ever tried to setup Cubase to work with a Montage or MODX from scratch, without all your knowledge of every single caveat, workaround, conditional, requirement, mechanic and configuration detail that needs be attended to?

Have you ever set that all up, and then had it stop working/connecting properly, and had to try to figure out why, without all your prerequisite knowledge?

The experience that everyone else has is not nearly the same as that which you have. You've got a restored backup file of memories filled with diagnostic knowledge, incredible insights into the nuances and nightmares of DAW to Montage/MODX and you don't even seem to know it, nor know that everyone else does not have this.

And... just in case you've forgotten, or don't know this, getting any DAW to reliably work with any keyboard is a nightmare of issues, over and over again. The Montage/MODX magnify this with their approaches to MIDI.

Please understand, that massive array of matrices for trouble shooting that is your brain is unique to you.

Everybody else wants to throw their computers and keyboards out a window, regularly, because of the infuriating foibles of Operating Systems vs MIDI Connectivity vs MIDI instruments.
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Bad Mister
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Sounds simple.

Please show exact screenshots of how to do this. It sounds like magic. Hard to believe it's possible.
please see the following for details:
Mastering MONTAGE: Using MONTAGE CONNECT to Import

If you get stuck or have problems, post back here. It is okay to start your own thread when you have a question.
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I'm trying to help you help the OP by showing you how inane and requiring of prerequisite knowledge your "answer" is.

By all means, double down on being even more inane.

The facts remain... getting a stable connection between MODX/Montage and ANY computer and ANY operating system and ANY version of any DAW is completely bereft of sense or meaning for anyone other than yourself.

Without that, nothing of any of what you say makes any sense, no articles help.

How about you write a living/dynamic troubleshooting guide in an effort to dump, to one place, your domain knowledge of getting these things to work? Add each new pain point as you discover just how much can go wrong for others.
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I see both sides here.

It's fair to ask a user to run through existing documentation and come back with questions if stuck. I didn't run through the docs - but I did take a look at the "Using Montage Connect to Import" article and it's better than previous documentation on Montage Connect I've seen. I've thought before there were holes - but this doc walks you through most everything. There's a link to another Cubase setup video for more detail. That's good to have. That's "newer" docs. There's also an older doc that is more in the Cubase 8/9 era: https://yamahasynth.com/learn/montage/mastering-montage-getting-started-cubase Speaking of - this older tutorial doesn't document what version Cubase is. That may have been helpful for future readers. Some driver versions are given. That was good. But room for improvement.

I also see the other side frequently. It's a little difficult to discern everything here since it looks like the message has been split off from the original thread.

Hopefully some moving forward can happen. It'd be great to see which part of the "Using Montage Connect To Import" article has something missing. It's fairly common there are holes (assumptions of clairvoyance). Would be good to plug those holes if Yamaha is willing to edit the tutorials for clarity.
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