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  1. Stein Aage
  3. Sunday, 13 November 2016
Some of the sample jobs seems not to work with my Motif Xf 7. I wonder if this is a common problem? And what I should do to fix this? Here's my problem:

I want to timestretch some of my samples. These are vocals which are slightly out of rythm. I try the timestretch-job, hit apply, and the sample is not there anymore. Surely there must be something I don't understand.

The same goes with change-pitch-job. The sample seems to have gone.

The other jobs seems to work the way they should. Any solution?
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Bad Mister
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The sample Jobs all work on the Motif XF. Please tell us something about what you sampled and how you are attempting to apply the Job. How long is the audio clip? Almost anything you tell us will be helpful, but with no information, all we can tell you is that the Jobs work when applied properly.
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As you can hear, I have recorded the lovely voice of my wife singing this hymn. To do this (and to make her happy..) I did a simple recording of her singing. With my Motif. I used sample + note along with a simple piano. Saved this as an "all-file" (x3a). Opened this with Melas-tool Wave-editor, extracted the long sample, and cut this into pieces about a duration two bars (or so..). Then I collected these pieces into the Wave-editor, and made a user-drum with the content of the new waveform. This waveform contains about 24-25 keybanks with a single segment. (I have learned this by reading your terrific article about using user-drum as a holder of samples.)

My wife sings lovely, but she is struggling to hold a steady beat of 50 bmp, as I wanted on this recording. I´ve fixed this with time-stretching using Cubase, but I see this could have been done with the Motif. If I can figure out what to do... So I tested this out with some of the segments (wanted it down from 53,3 bmp to 50 bmp). I enter sampling from the song, mark the correct key bank, I use the Job called time stretch. Set the percent to 110, click apply, the job seems to work, but when I try to audition this, the sample is nowhere to be found.

Just for the test, I recorded a simple sample as an element in a voice. Then I did the same (except this time entering from voice mode, of course) and the time stretch still not working.

I´ve studied the reference manual. Must be something I´m missing, cause everything else works as a expected.
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Today everything is working! I must figure out what I have done different...

Sorry to bother you.
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