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  1. Daniel
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  3. Saturday, 04 July 2020

Perhaps i'm missing out on something, but i am quite sure that my (former) moxf had the integration for Sonar selectable as an option. When trying to find the similar thing for modx, i can't really find the similar thing anymore. Did Yamaha drop support/profile for Sonar completely?

(and yes, as a user of CW since version 3.0 up until X3 and now bandlab, i really dislike the idea to migrate to some other platform ;))
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Bad Mister
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Yes, after Cakewalk went chapter 11 a few years ago, indeed there has been a refocus of the supported DAW software with direct Remote Control Surface protocol. Pro Tools and Ableton Live where added, and Digital Performer and Sonar were eliminated. While any change will have some cheering, “it’s about time“ It will also have others crying “foul”... I’m sure it was based on a good deal of research. Changes like this are only made after much research.

Which doesn’t make it any better if you are a long time Cakewalk/Sonar user. I understand that it was picked up by “Bandlab” —

That being as it is, Sonar has the ability to let the user build their own Generic Control Surface setup. You probably can make a setup that will let you handled most everything you’d need. If you can use “Mackie Control” as one of the Control Surface protocols, you definitely will be able to setup your DAW

The fact that the template is not built in and selectable, is just a sign of the times (and popularity of the software). Once you build your own template it will remain in memory of your MODX.
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Hi Bad Mister,

what you say makes a lot of sense. I do recognize the Mackie Control part from within Sonar so i will definately check that part out.

Thank you


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