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  4. Wednesday, 16 September 2015
When I find a Voice that I'd like to Layer with the current Voice, I press Layer, and I see the Category Window, with Main and SubCategory. Often, when I choose the two that I think my desired target Voice is in, it doesn't appear in the list presented. When I exit this, and go back to Voice Mode and retrieve the sound for examination, I find out that I 'guessed wrong' (on the SubCategory usually.) One day, I'll have all my Favorites chosen, and I'll just have to look there! But in the mean time, is there a way to hit Layer, and then select the Voice to be layered with the Bank and A-G and 1-16 Buttons, if I already know the Voice's location? Thanks.
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Bad Mister
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The "Performance Creator" is a macro for quickly putting together Splits and Layers. It uses the CATEGORY SEARCH to allow you to assemble the Performance starting from the VOICE mode.

If you prefer to do the Performance manually, that is of course available. Here's how:
First go to Performance mode
Press [JOB]
Select "Initialize"
Press [EDIT]
Select [1] to view Part 1 parameters > select "VOICE"
Now you can manually select Voices using the Bank, Group and Number buttons, for each PART, in turn (or you can use the Category Search).
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a-HA!!!! Thank you BadMister. That's great.
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