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  3. Friday, 23 September 2016
Hi Montage Crew- can anyone please advise me how to get the tempo sync working with Montage and the DAW? (in my case Ableton Live)..
I've just setup my montage and connected it to Ableton - and was starting to get the sounds going and I thought it would be super easy to set Tempo Sync
so the montage presets playback in lock-step with my Ableton sequence tempo. for example my 12 year old MOTIF ES does this perfectly.
NOT with the Montage. every setting I have tried it doesn't sync with the DAW. it completely ignores the DAW tempo altogether. I have tried to set the Utility Quick Settings to Midi Rec to DAW, and Utility->Tempo settings Midi Sync to 'MIDI'. this unfortunately has no effect. All the montage presets still playback at the patch default tempos and do not change to my DAW tempo. thanks for any ideas! I am running montage firmware 1.20.4.
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You selected Utility/Tempo/ Sync to Midi.. if you are using the USB to computer you should select USB Midi..
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Bad Mister
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Make sure you DAW is sending MIDI SYNC. Most do not, by default. They default, typically, to saving every resource until you actually need it. So seeing there are no issues syncing Montage to every DAW encountered thus far, we'll have to assume you need to verify that you are indeed sending MIDI CLOCK Out from your DAW.

Send standard MIDI clock to the Montage on the Montage Port 1.

It works exactly like the Motif ES, in this regard.
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Thanks folks! yes - indeed you are correct about setting the 'sync' in the DAW for each Montage port - I did overlook this detail sadly. once you set it in Ableton Live, you never have to go back and set it again, so I totally forgot I did that years ago for the Motif! haha. so now all is good and the Montage patches change tempo according to the DAW session.

For anyone out there using Montage with Ableton Live - you need to go to Options->Preferences->Link/Midi Tab, and set the Output Midi Ports for Montage-1 ~ Montage~3 'Sync' 'ON'.
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