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  4. Monday, 07 September 2020

I am currently using a Yamaha Genos and while I love the sounds, there are some things that that makes me thinking about change to a 61 key MODX.

First of all I found the 76 key Genos a bit to big for my limited space and a 61 key wold be a better fit for me. Another big plus of the MODX is the builtin USB audio interface, which Genos is lacking for some reason. I also not using so much of the arranger features of the Genos anymore and I will probably not missing them so much.

So I want to ask some you that have experience with both of those keyboards, how you think they compare soundwise? The sound of the Genos is fantastic and I don't want to find myself with something that doesn't sound equally good as the Genos. I am not so interested in electronic sounds, but more real instrument sounds like guitars, bass, piano, brass etc.

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MODX is going to lack the super articulation which helps provide more realism or better control over nuance of many instruments.

There is a fair amount of sonic overlap between the instruments in terms of the general character of the samples used.

I wouldn't use the arranger features much myself of Genos - but I envy Genos's additional articulation features provided for many of the instruments I perform with.

... the grass is always greener.

If you want an audio interface for Genos - one can be added external. Use analog outputs and connect into the audio interface. The right interface can handle monitoring too without needing a computer. May want to get something more like a mixer with USB connectivity (audio interface) so you can handle even more simultaneous audio inputs than afforded on a keyboard device (like MODX).

The desk/studio space is what is is. When I don't have a lot of space - I use ceiling-to-floor more than wall-to-wall.

Among the synths out there (different manufacturers) - the MODX, in terms of acoustic instruments, is rated fairly high. That said - I think Genos out-does MODX in this category.
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If you don't need MODX-specific features, just sonically, it's possible that the PSR-SX900 will come closer to the Genos than the MODX will, and it's a 61 key model. If budget is less, the PSR-S700 and new PSR-S600 might fit the bill.
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Another thing to consider in my opinion is the quality of the keybed. I don't know what the Genos is like to play but for me, the MODX is not as good to play as the Montage - I find the Montage much better to play. So as well as looking at features, be sure to have a play on the keyboard as well is my message :)
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I might keep the Genos for now and see if I can manage the space better.

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