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  1. David
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Monday, 20 July 2020
:p :D :) ;) :p :o :) :D ;) :p :o :) :D :) :o :p :o It doesn’t complain or cook, it doesn’t clean, wash my clothes, pay my bills, take the trash out, doesn’t walk the dog, it doesn’t prevent you from getting a DUI or a DWI, it doesn’t tell me if it’s gonna be hot or cold today or scratch my back, it doesn’t check my email, cut the grass, it doesn’t swat that fly that keeps bugging me, it doesn’t cut me off or honk the horn when I’m in traffic, it doesn’t put air in my tires, it doesn’t answer the phone when its ringing, it won’t change the babies diaper, it doesn’t bring in the groceries, it doesn’t take me mountain climbing or bungee jumping, it doesn’t bring in the mail, it doesn’t put the dishes away, or put the kids to sleep, it doesn’t talk or listen to me when I’m lonely, it doesn’t look for a job I have to find work for it, it doesn’t wash my car or put gas, it doesn’t vacuum the living room or paint the house, it doesn’t change the channel on the t.v. or turn it on when it’s off, it doesn’t set the alarm, wash my hands or clean behind my ears, it doesn’t make noise, it won’t get rid of my Mother in-law, it doesn’t stop the older people from yelling at the t.v. when they disagree with our government, it doesn’t put on its mask when I use it or when I’m within 6 feet from it, it doesn’t give me hair cuts or clip my toenails, it won’t set me up on a date with Jessica (a girl I have a crush on), it doesn’t tune my guitars or charge my phone, it doesn’t cure diseases, it doesn’t flush the toilet or take a bath, or refill my prescriptions, it just sits there until I turn it ON, etc., etc., etc., etc.,
It doesn’t even create the music or record the music for you.
What’s up with that?

For me, “I” am having a blast of fun learning how to use this Montage to write or create the music myself and then I can record it to the Pattern sequencer (in which here on Yamahasynth.com / Learn, they have a grip of videos and articles about how to use it and set it up) and/or use with my favorite DAW.
Heck, I haven’t even had it for more than a month but I finally got my pedals to use with it and control the SUPER KNOB and whatever else the FC7-FC5-FC3&4 can be set to.
I got my MIDI cables finally too, so I can now connect my old Motif es to send the MIDI to use with this Montage’s instruments and sounds (mainly the drum voices).
I haven’t even been able to play with the SMART MORPH yet.
I can’t wait till I connect my microphone and guitars to the A/D input jack to play along to the things I will be recording.
I already tried my old Motif es (it worked and sounded fine).
I’m gonna use my flash stick drives to back up everything I record so it will open up memory space if it needs to.

Any information on all the ways to use the foot pedals would be greatly appreciated?
And how to record with a microphone and instruments with the A/D input jack?.

P.S. Thanks to everyone here for providing answers, guidance, and information on questions about all the “How to’s”.
By the way this YAMAHA MONTAGE is a beast of a machine.
Thanks for making a great instrument.

I noticed some people here don’t appreciate this quality product when the person has to learn its features and make use of them in there own way for it to benefit their musical needs.

I hope you all STAY SAFE:D :o :p :( ;) :p :o :( :p :D :) :o :p ;) ;) :D :) :o :p
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:) nice post and agree with you!!

I'm excited as I already own the modx6 and have just ordered a white Montage6 to go with it :D
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...it won’t get rid of my Mother in-law...
It will if you swing it hard enough. :D

Disclaimer: this may void your warranty, and may be illegal in your state or country.
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Well I got my Montage6 Limited Edition yesterday and all I can say is wow :)

Having owned the MODX since it came out I was always looking at the Montage for the extra buttons and sliders mainly but having got it, I can confirm that the keyboard action is a lot better suited to me than the MODX :) I'm still keeping the MODX (and my MOFX!) but this Montage has now taken over as my favourite - I'm like a kid with a new toy, albeit a 59 year old kid!

If anyone in the UK is currently looking to get one of these, there's a music shop called Bonners who are selling them for an amazing price at the moment.

All those live streams that Blake kindly did for us finally convinced me I couldn't live without a Montage in my life ;)
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:) I would love to get my hands on a MODX. Bbbuuutttttt, since I recently received my Montage I’m still in the process of setting things up. Having the extra buttons, It makes things more convenient since I am used to the Motif ES.
I would use the MODX for shows when things reopen up. I could set up songs with the “Live Set” (Montage) and just transfer them to the MODX.
If the pattern record mode is the same as Montage, I would use it for backing tracks and just plug in my bass or guitar and play along to my music and jam some keyboard things too.
One man band.:o :p :D

Hey Kevin, I don’t want to void my warranty.;) I’d have another reason to to get rid of her.:p
I added an extended warranty at the time of purchase in case of any drops, falls, or I scratch or crack the screen, or any bad accident happens to anything to/on this machine.

Tom Waits is cool. My brother introduced me to him back in the 90’s.
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