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  4. Monday, 16 January 2017
I was just checking out some of the organ sounds, and was absolutely blown away by the Organs starting at number 049.
Luckily, I was scanning through them in Part 03, so their Insert Effects each loaded when calling up the new Organ sound.
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I have made some of the most gothic, heavenly, biggest pipe organ sounds ever with the MX.
I use layers to create a MEGA performance.
Add the awesome MX reverb, and on my headphones it sounds like im in a big church, or cathedral.
The best $500 synth ever.:)
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I've done the same with string sounds, and have also layered a couple of pianos together and they sound enormous. I have just read, elsewhere on this forum, that the John Melas Voice Editor lets you layer more than the two voices together, by setting each element to Midi channel 1. I haven't had chance to try it yet, but it would seem to have enormous potential!

Here's hoping!
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Agree with you - this keyboard is incredible value for money. The John Melas editing set opens the synth right up. It is worth noting that each voice or sound can have 8 elements, but often the voice only uses a few of them. It gives great potential to take the keyboard even further than I could imagine. For the music I play (worship music at church) I make a lot of use of a string sound layered with a brass sound which cuts through on velocity. As we are now into the Christmas season, there is also a need for bell sounds. I noticed the string sound only uses 4 elements, so I copied the brass sound into the remaining 4 elements ans set up the velocity cross-over and then limited the brass sound to the first four octaves, and the string sound to all but the top few notes - all this with just one voice. I then split the keyboard and put a bell sound in the top few notes, and can now use the string sound for an overall "fill" sound, bring the brass in for emphasis using velocity, and then play a peal of bells at the start and the end of the song. And this all on one keyboard - it is absolutely amazing.

Returning to the OP, my next project is to see if I can put two organ sounds into one voice, and then layer another similar voice so that I can go from a quiet, single register organ sound through numerous levels of bringing in more and more stops right through to the full blown "kitchen sink" job, all on velocity.
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