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  4. Friday, 17 March 2017
Has anyone else here had trouble maintaining a solid USB connection between the Montage and a MBP laptop?
Half way thru recording a stereo audio track from a Montage Song onto the computer via USB 48/24, I often get crackles - which result from the clock timing getting messed up or lost.
I've tried a few different USB cables.
I think it works better when I set DP 9.12's Audio Setup with the Montage as the clock source and clock type, and leave the Montage's clocking settings at factory default; but often DP reverts to Internal.
Then I thought that it's important for both computer's audio track to have both input and output set to Montage, but again, I still had a drop out, but only one.
Crackles galore when I do, and usually restarting one or both units fixes this, until the next time.

Maybe I'm missing something in the USB implementation. A similar thing would happen to me with the MX49 on the same computer, especially when I was tweaking midi parameters with the MX49's knobs during the audio recording pass on the computer.
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Bad Mister
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Having issues with both the MX and the Montage? It could be your theory of setting up the audio with your computer. I would set the computer software to use its internal clock, since it is tasked with any time stamping, etc. I don't use DP and don't really remember the setup routine, but just by comparison, in Cubase, I have it set to run on its internal clock. I then slave all devices to the computer software. Make sure your DP project settings match your Montage setting 48kHz/24-bit. When you make the change in Montage, you must reboot.

All computer interfaces will click and pop at some point, it's a sliding scale, you must adjust it. It's really about setting the Buffer size large enough so your computer can process the flow of signal smoothly. The rule of thumb is to find the smallest value that will work and back off one. But it is never going to be "speed of light" (with today's computers) so there is a point at which you will get clicks and pops - hopefully, you can get single digital milliseconds. If the clicks and pops are not solved by Buffer size, then clearly the cause is elsewhere (check you clock Source settings)... mismatches can click and pop...

What is your current Buffer size?
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Thanks BadMister! I'm currently at 256 sample buffer size, but the other thing you recommended isn't something I'd tried.
So I will slave the Montage to DP's clock and report those results. I have a feeling that might solve it. Thanks again.
Ironically, with their reportedly newly improved pre-rendering engine, MOTU is suggesting using very small buffer sizes.
More details on the way. :)
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Hi Tommy!
I have same problems on MBP and Logic Studio. See also https://yamahasynth.com/forum/usb-connection-issues.
Until now I have no solution.
My problems are:
- Crackling when recording audio.
- Audio interruptions of 1-2 seconds when playing audio.
- Random aborts when recording Midi and sometimes the first note is missing

I have also an Apogee Duet and Behringer xAir18 interface and there are no such problems with same settings. So I think it is a Steinberg driver issue or a Montage firmware issue.
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