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  1. Tony
  3. Friday, 27 May 2016
Can you please explain how montage users can import custom loops and samples into flash RAM? Rather than importing 3rd party "libraries", I am mainly interested in dragging and dropping custom samples to the montage and mapping these to performances. I assume there is software available to manage this process? Thanks for the info!
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Bad Mister
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Hi Tony,

Specific Montage "drag 'n' drop" tools have not yet appeared (we are still at the very beginning of the Montage era).

But what does exist and will work fine for assembling data (including drag n drop assembly) is the "John Melas Motif Waveform Editor". It allows you to create a Motif XF (.X3A) ALL data file, or a Motif XF (.X3W) ALL WAVEFORMS file which can then be loaded by the Montage.

Since there is compatibility between Motif XF Voices, Waveforms and Arpeggios and the Montage, the Melas Waveform Editor will allow you create "ready-to-use" Waveform data for the Montage.

Alternatives include loading the custom data as .wav directly to Montage USER memory. This data can be accessed via either an AWM2 normal or drum kit Part. And while there is no editing of the audio, you do have all the tools to assign and map the audio to Key Banks within a Part.
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