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  1. Jayson
  3. Friday, 27 March 2020
I know that there are some limitations of the editing compositions on the montage sequencer (version 3) on the synthesizer itself. Yamaha's Dom Sigalas gives nice tutorials on using Cubasis on the iPad for recording editing multi-tracks of audio and MIDI. It does not appear Cubasis 2 or 3 has the functionality of converting MIDI to Music Notation like the full version of Cubase (for PC) does. Since I only have an iPad available with my setup, does anyone know of any good options to notate from MIDI on an iPad? I would only be using it to notate piano parts. The problem with many MIDI converters is the resolution of MIDI is so high that the conversion even on a simple song leaves many scores looking like a complicated Chick Chorea composition. Curious to see if anyone else composes written form and what their work flow is like.


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Bad Mister
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Thanks for the question — I’ll tell Chick what you said...

If you can connect to a computer... you can do some decent notation with the Score function found the Cubase AI version that’s comes free with the MONTAGE And it can Quantize what you see without changing the actual event locations... so that you don’t wind up with a chart that looks like someone splattered the staff paper by flicking a paint brush.

Funny story, that comes from tales told about Hank Jones, the eldest of the jazz Jones brothers. He was such a good sight reader he could read paint splatter on the page, and then could turn it upside down and play that!

Sorry, I don’t know of any general notation apps for tablets, but I have not really searched...
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If you have an iPad which supports the Apple Pencil, StaffPad seems worth a look. I haven't used it myself, and it's pricey at $90, but it is capable of importing MIDI and seems to excel at providing the tools to clean up converted MIDI notation by hand (via Pencil).

You can probably get a refund from Apple if you decide to try it and then find that it isn't to your liking.
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