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  1. David
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  4. Monday, 03 June 2019
If I am in part edit or voice edit, and I decide that I don’t like my edits and I want to go back to the original settings, is there a way to do that? I mean besides restoring the parameters one by one To their original settings. Well I guess I can just leave the song without storing and come back in. But I Better make sure I’ve saved any other sequencing or mixing edits before I try to tweak the voice. OK looks like I answered that one for Myself.
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Bad Mister
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The way editing works is when you recall a Voice, Performance, or a Song/Pattern Mixing Part, it is placed in area where you can play it and immediately start to interact with it.
If you make a bunch of changes and you don’t want to keep them you have several options...
_ you can simply move away to another Voice — all your edits will be purged... nothing that you changed will remain.
_ you could press the [EDIT] button (again), it will start to flash indicating you are now in “Compare” mode. The program you are working on immediately returns to exactly how it was when you started (no additional changes can be made while the button flashes, values on screen will return to original setting so that you can A/B what you’re doing by toggling EDIT/COMPARE.

As soon as you make any changes to a program, a small letter “E” will appear in the screen — this means that the current data differs from what is stored. If you move away without Storing, the edits are lost... the program reverts to original stored settings.
When you press [EDIT] while in Edit, the Compare mode is launched (flashes), the small “E” becomes a “C” to denote you are in Compare (no changes are allowed while in Compare).

Say you move completely away from what you were editing... which purges all the changes you’ve made, the Voice will return to its original status. Even though you’ve moved away, and have begun playing and editing another Voice, that last edit you’ve made (wherever you left off) is still in what is called “Recall Buffer”.

Press [JOB]
Press [F2] RECALL
You will be asked to confirm if you want to Recall your last Edit, if you confirm, the previous (purged) Edit will return at the exact position you left off editing.

Edit Buffer - used for A/B type comparisons
Recall Buffer - allows you to return to previous editing that you did not STORE.
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Thanks Bad Mister, But there something I’m not following. I just did a little experiment here on my motif. I went into mixing mode, pressed edit, Selected track 12, went into the EQ and fiddled with the gain a bit. Yes I see the little e in the right corner And I can toggle with the compare/edit. But if I press exit the E is still there and so are my EQ edits. When you said that If you move away from what you were editing all the changes are Purged, did I misunderstand? I would’ve thought that exiting from edit would have purged my changes.
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Bad Mister
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When would you have thought that....? And more importantly, why?
“Moving away” means moving to another Song/Pattern Mixing Program.

EQ is not a Track parameter, by the way. In fact, you were not editing a Track.
A Track contains MIDI event data. You are editing a Track when you press [EDIT] when just the [SONG] or [PATTERN] is lit. If they are lit then you are editing the Sequencer.
If additionally the [MIXING] button is lit when you hit [EDIT], then you are editing the Synthesizer Part assigned to that Track. Items concerning the EQ are concerning the Synthesizer Part.

The MIXING program contains 16 Parts... when you store while editing in Song or Pattern Mode, and you are editing the Mixing the changes are stored all together in that MIXING program. To “move away” means recalling an entirely different Song or Pattern, or moving away to a different mode like Voice or Performance.
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