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  3. Saturday, 05 August 2017
While reading the article on using Montage with Mainstage, I noticed this text:

The Yamaha Steinberg USB driver: This is the robust and low-latency driver MONTAGE uses to send MIDI and multichannel audio.

I thought Montage was class compliant, which means to me that no drivers are needed. Phil can you explain this apparent discrepancy?
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Source: https://www.yamahasynth.com/forum/steinberg-yamaha-usb-driver-issue/latest

You need the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver to connect Montage to a computer.

Class compliance helps you connect to an iPhone or iPad, only.





The message here is a matter of connected device context. Connected iOS devices need no driver and leverage the class compliant driver. Connected PC/Mac devices should use the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver although you can get the system to limp along on class compliant or "generic" drivers.

Using latest firmware and latest Yamaha Steinberg USB driver will allow for also using latest Montage Connect utility. Use of Montage Connect is not mandatory.

"Limp along" used earlier is perhaps overly negative. I've painted this as negative as it goes against manufacturer recommendations. However, some users have eschewed the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver and found this is a better solution. I believe where your experience leads you is a matter of hardware/software particulars, expectations, and what functionality you're OK losing/gaining by taking one path or the other.
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Bad Mister
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No drivers are necessary when using the Montage with an iOS device (iPhone/iPad) however, when using the Montage as your computer audio and MIDI Interface, it is highly recommended you use the low latency Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver.
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