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FM Essential is a free FM Synthesizer app for iOS. Learn how to get it and unlock it for free!
What do you get when you mix classic dance, innovative film and a creative composer? A fabulous bit of synth!
From the YouTube channel 8-Bit Keys - by way of our good friends at Synthtopia - comes this cool video review of the Yamaha CS01 synthesizer and MR10 drum machine. There is also a special musical treat!
What happens when you give legendary Yamaha product guru, Craig Knudsen, a Yamaha U1TA Transacoustic Piano, a reface CS and the iOS app MIDI Designer? See for yourself!
Gotta love an old school jam! From comes this little jam featuring . . .
Are you a GarageBand user looking to upgrade to Logic Pro X but wondering how to move your existing projects over? This short video from our friends at Ask Audio takes only six minutes of your time to answer that question!