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This article will introduce you to the Effects processing and routing.
Using the Motif XS/XF Internal Sequencer to record the reface CP-CS-DX-YC... what you need to know!

New to the Motif XF? Need help understanding the terminology?

In part 1 of their five-part Motif XF video series, Matt Vanacoro from Ask Audio Magazine explains the memory structure of the Motif XF.

Stacking Audio Loops on a single KEY and using Velocity Range to trigger different results - download the example.
Creating Loop Kits by loading directly to a Drum Kit Voice
Creating your own Audio Loops can be done by RESAMPLING data within the Integrated Sampling Sequencer. Resampling is the ability of the XF to record itself as audio. This installment will take you through the basics of the LOOP KIT Tutorial data was prepared.