Manny's FM-Xplorations: Article 2

Welcome to the second article in the Manny Fernandez FM-Xplorations series! A longtime FM programmer - contributing sounds to the DX7II, SY77, SY99, FS1R and DX200 - Manny has lots of tips and tricks to share in this highly informative series!
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Manny's FM-Xplorations: Article 1

Welcome to the first article in the Dr. Manny Fernandez FM-Xploration Series! A longtime FM programmer who contributed sounds for the DX7II, SY77, SY99 FS1R and DX200  - Manny Fernandez shares lots of tips and tricks in this highly informantive series.
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Mastering MONTAGE: An FM-X Exploration Part 2

In Part 2 of this series we will study a Performance made with the same basic setup as in Part 1, but featuring different settings for our 8 Assignable Knob parameters. In Part 1 we turned some knobs and made some observations and speculations about what was being controlled - was it the Modulator or the Carrier that was being altered by a specific Knob parameter? Now we will follow through and see where those Control Assignments were made and how they are applied by the settings. Included at the bottom of this article download the MONTAGE Connect (P3.X7B) file for the tutorial, PERFORMANCE: P3
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MX BK/BU: Behind the scenes

The MX BK/BU is an update to the popular MX Music Synthesizer. Two members from the Yamaha Japan MX BK/BU development team, Tadashi Okano and Yasuto "Takeshi" Takeshita, share insight about what's new in MX BK/BU. They also discuss the free FM Essential iOS app's ability to go from classic to modern.
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Manny's Modulation Manifesto: Lead Sounds

An FM Synthesis Programming Tutorial focusing on the Yamaha reface DX architecture - Lesson 6

Hopefully with the articles so far, you've been able to gain a reasonable understanding and 'ear experience' with how FM synthesis behaves. This article is going to put together many of the concepts discussed prior in this series and take a little deeper dive into FM than in the previous articles. We are going to do this as we go into another area where FM synthesis is very effective and powerful – lead sounds.
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